Conure started biting people

by Oksana

We have a green cheek conure, who is little over a year old and has been with our family since he was 6 weeks old. He's been the most loving birdie ever. He doesn't know what a cage as he lives with us freely, ie. flies around, eats with us, sleeps in the bed with my daughter.

However about a month or so ago he began biting people , who'd come in to house, and since we don't have many coming these will be the bitten ones. We also have a Mollucan, who we rescued from an obusive owner, and who is afraid of anything and everything. The two birdies were like brothers for almost a year. Recently we moved and the little one starting attacking the big birdie, who is scared for his life.

It is impossible to "punish" the conure because once he realizes he's done something wrong he flies away and wouldn't come. Now he started biting me time to time as well. I understand he's scared of the new home and needs time to adjust, sadly we don't have time because while he's adjusting the molucan is constantly in danger of being bitten or he might by accident out of protectiveness for his life kill the little one.

My daughter suggested we clip Scotty's (conure) wings. Some bird specialists say it might make him even more aggressive. I actually began thinking that it might give us a chance to train him.
Please help.

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Apr 16, 2015
new biting behavior
by: Tara

We have two conures, a Nanday and a Jenday. Our jenday started being aggressive with one daughter but it recently got worse. Maybe it was because she is away at school most of the time, but also it is mating season. Our birds turn in to lunatics during mating season. We put her in her cage when she chases our daughter but that stopped working because she likes her cage. So we bought an additional cage for uptairs. If she chases or bites she gets put in the cage upstairs. It is loaded with food and toys too but she doesn't like b eing away from the family. It took two days for her to get it and she stopped the bad behavior.
Therefore we did not have to trim her wings.

Our Jenday is also crazy from hormones right now too. I hate having to trim his wings and they had just started to grow so that he was starting to fly again. He immediately started flying at and biting everyone but me. He always wants to be with me and seems to try to keep everyone away. Nothing works so to keep our sanity I had to clip his wings. He immediately looses his aggressive dominate behavior. I think he is happier because he doesn't feel the need to chase. We left them long enough so he can fly a short distance. It makes me so sad to take his flight away, but feel I have no choice. Of course I will probably try to train him again not to do this when his wings grow out again. They seem to grow back right when it is breeding season.
Just make sure you take him to an avian vet or someone trained in which feathers to clip. If you do it wrong he will hurt himself when he falls. He needs to be able to fly slowly to the ground. Also you can cause them pain if cutting them to short.

Apr 15, 2015
Help stop conure biting problem
by: Tracie

You didn't mention how old your conure is, but I suspect he/she is about 6 months old now. That is about the time my sweet conures went from loving me, to thinking I was the person from hell. It was hurtful.

I wrote some training articles that are located on our Parrot Training page if you would like to see how my husband was able to train them to stop attacking me. (He had to do the training, because they decided they DID like him.)

New behavior like this can also be a sign of illness too. You know how when you don't feel good you can get grumpy or snappy? It's the same with birds. Certain odors from deodorants, shampoo etc. can also set birds off.

There are too many things to suggest and offer here, so hopefully the Parrot Training page will have some helpful information to get you started.

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