conure started grinding up his zupreem dry food

by L K Kranz
(burbank, ca )

Our 10 year old dusky conure started grinding up his zupreem dry food into powder. He mostly grinds it up and eats little of it. He seems to be driven to empty the cup this way. Why is he suddenly doing this for the past 3 weeks?

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Aug 19, 2012
Conure started grinding up his ZuPreem food.
by: Anonymous

ZuPreem is not the best food to feed your bird. It's full of junk, dyes, and artificial stuff along with too much sugar.

I feed my bird Roudybush Pellets. She loves it.
It's also on the list of foods my vet suggests to keep a healthy bird. It's high in protien and vitamins. No sugars, dyes, or junk (fillers)

My bird took right to it after I bought her and switched her from seed to pellet.

You'll notice a huge difference in your bird once you've successfully switched his diet over.
My bird is highly energetic, plays hard and talks for hoooooouuuuuurs!

You may need to slowly introduce the pellets into the zupreem diet increasing the amt every cpl days and lessening the zupreem.

You can also add fresh squeezed orange juice to the pellets on a plate to encourage then to eat it.

Aug 18, 2012
Bird grinding food to a powder
by: Tracie

Your bird is likely bored. Also, ZuPreem is not a healthy diet for birds, it is too high in sugar and chemicals. Our avian vet says "ZuPreem has lots of sugar which can cause yeast infections and can lead to digestive problems. Also all of the artificial ingredients can cause problems too."

Please switch your bird to a high quality pellet soon. Harrison's or Roudybush pellets are the best.

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