Conure sudden death

by Brenda
(Ludlow, Mass. USA)

My 2 year old conure was happy and appeared normal and healthy, then suddenly went into her cage and started having respiratory distress. She died within 10 minutes. The only thing different in her environment was that I had bought and feed her a new kind of papaya (which she loved!!).

This food was purchased at a pet store and was for birds. She had had some on Saturday morning, then again Sunday morning and was dead by Sunday night. Could this have somehow been toxic for her? Should I notify the place where I bought it in case there is something wrong with this product? Is there any way I can find out for sure what happened to her?

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Oct 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

Like most of you I'm heartbroken had my girl for almost a year got up in the morning let her out she was 100% aok by lunch she seemed down couple of hours late it was straight to the vets that night she died. Crazy to hear so many of the same story's

Sep 27, 2018
My Pablo
by: Anonymous

My rescued orange fronted conure died two days ago... He seemed fine until he wasnt. He stopped eating in the morning and moments after he couldnt grab anything with his small legs... He soon couldnt stay up and we grabbed him until he quickly left us...I still dont understand what happened....I just wish I wouldve had more time with him... or any signs

Jul 24, 2018
Lost my Sweet Pea
by: Anonymous

Lost my little Green Cheek Conure, Sweet Pea yesterday at about 5:30 PM. She died in my hands. I bought her from a bad pet store. They were not good about the care of their animals. They are closed now, thank goodness. She was a runt and did not look well. She was never a strong bird, but very sweet. I babied her and fed her well, made sure she had her vitamins. Vet could find nothing wrong; she just had a weak immune system. But she lived over 13 years. I have another green cheek conure I had gotten the year before her. I am really worried that he will miss her. I sure do. Today about a half hour after holding her, I started to bathe her because she was not cleaning the poo-poo off her. She just went limp in my hands. It was like she was waiting for me to hold her to say goodbye. Broke my heart. Later when I cleaned their cage, in their nesting box she had poo-pooed which they never did. I think she had decided to leave. Looked like a heart attack. She just stopped.

Jun 17, 2018
Lost my feathered friend charlie
by: Anonymous

I lost my sun conure charlie yesterday. I had opened his cage and changed his water and fed both my birds as I do every morning and all was fine. My daughter called me in the late evening saying he lost his voice. When I got home from work he seemed to be himself other than loosing his voice. He played and ate and acted norm. I could not find an avian vet so late at night to take him too and he seemed ok so I put him in his cage for the night and checked on him during the night and seemed fine. I awoke around 6am to find him dead on the cage floor with his father watching over him. I hand raised him from the day he hatched 7 years ago and miss him dearly. His mother had passed just 1 year ago and now lost him. He would fly around and play with me and my dog whom even seems to miss him. Charlie is now with his mom kiwi, his dad cracker and I miss the both of them very much.

Jun 15, 2018
My sweet mellow
by: Anonymous

My sweet Mellow, my pineapple conure that was only a 4 months old, she was fine this morning when I left got her morning scratches and cuddle. Only to come home from work to find her on the bottom of her cage. My heart is crushed. She was trying to learn to talk. It's so quiet!

May 25, 2018
by: Sean

Today I awoke to my Nanday Conure, Piper, on the bottom of his cage gasping for breath. He climbed weakly onto my hand and struggled a great deal to find balance. I moved him into a carrier while my mother phoned nearby vets but while on the phone Piper fell into a violent seizure and passed shortly after in my hands. Like many others report here, Piper appeared perfectly healthy just the day before. Words simply cannot describe the grief for his loss. He was the first bird I have ever connected with. May he be flying freely now with the rest of our lost loved ones.

May 25, 2018
BAby Deedee
by: Anonymous

I lost my Green cheeks . Not sue what happened but found her on bottom she was busy shredding and making a Secret hide away under papers . Always sat on shoulder and told me how good she was and pretty . I cry when I know I could of had her 30 years but think 12 or so is long as I was honoured. Miss her terribly . We are careful what we use to cook with No Teflon but maybe some other odorous material got her . I miss her so much . Oh Baby DeeDee I love you fly with Jesus and take all the others that have passed before you. You are welcome to visit as an angel if you can

May 19, 2018
My Green Cheeked Conure's death
by: Anonymous

One day I went to a friends house to spend the night and as I was leaving I made sure my little baby was safe and sound. He was absolutely fine and then when Iw returned in the morning he wasn't himself. He couldn't fly or balance properly. I made an appointment with my local vet as soon as I could. When I took him there they said he had a cold and he needed sleep. The gave me antibiotics to give him twice a day. I made him comfy in his favourite blanket and he soon fell asleep. I made sure he was warm and safe. A couple hours later I went to check on him and he seemed distressed and he wanted me to hold him, so I did. He wanted to flap his wings and his head was shaking. It looked like he was having a stroke and I couldn't do anything. He then past away in my hands. I was so upset as the vet reassured me he would be fine.

It is my duty to now pursue my dream of being a vet for exotic animals and not let sick animals be wrongly diagnosed.

May 18, 2018
very concerned about our conure
by: Catherine

Hi, our boy, Rupert would not go to sleep last night. I kept checking on him as he was usually noisy for nighttime. When I got home earlier that day, he wanted me to pet him, which I did, but he did not want me to pick him up, which is odd. I woke up this morning to him being bald chested clear down to his tail. He is 19 and has never done this. Is this a sign that he is going to leave us? I am so worried. Any replies would help.

May 08, 2018
Sudden Green Cheek Death
by: Anonymous

My 18 year old Green Cheek Conure died yesterday. She was fine all week end but yesterday morning when she didn't call me to get out of her cage at 5:30 AM I went to check on her. She stepped up on my finger but once I put her on her playpen she fell off. I noticed she was breathing fast and all she wanted was for me to hold her to my chest like I usually do to calm her. I tried called 3 veterinarian hospitals but the closest one did not see birds! So I had to wait for my Avian Doctors office to open at 9:00 am.... sadly Gizmo past in my arms at 8:45 before I could get her help. I got her after my dogs died because they said she would live to be around 35. I am racking my brains out trying to figure out was it something I did. We traveled everywhere together with her propped on my shoulder. I miss her dearly.

Apr 14, 2018
by: Giselle

I feel every single one of you. Around 3 years ago when I was 10, my green cheek Conure also sadly passed away out of nowhere. The day before my little Angel was acting fine maybe was a little quiet but other than that was very happy and then the following day, I fed him and then left to run some errands with my mom and grandmother and I noticed he looked like he was tired. I checked on him but sadly I wasn’t allowed to take him out of his cage that day and when I left for a few minutes to change I found my Conure on its cage slightly shaking and making weird noises and before I knew it he was gone. I miss him so much til this day and it just tears my heart to not know what happened. He was my everything, he was my best friend and was the one who made me happy and kept me company. Possibly he was depressed because my dad who he hanged around with a lot had been gone for a while so I rarely took him out of his cage but I don’t know if this could be a reason. I just wish I knew why.

Apr 06, 2018
Green cheek
by: Ruby's human

Like you all, we lost our conure Ruby suddenly sometime yesterday. When he talks, "Hello Ruby, how are you?" "I love you!" it's so constant that I tune it out so I didn't notice when it stopped, or possibly I wasn't home. Now that he is gone, I am missing his talking terribly. He was only 3 but I love him like I had him for 30.

He was fine, playing with us the day before...yesterday was a busy day for me so my husband fed him in the morning. He says he seemed normal except in retrospect he didn't pounce on his food...but then again sometimes if he ate a bit left over from the night before, he wouldn't go for the food right away. I believe he simply fell off his perch and died.

Nothing was usual about his last day - no cooking in a weird pan, so cleaning smells around him. I'm bereft and wishing I could know what happened, but I can't. I truly don't feel I did anything to hurt him, yet I feel guilty like I did, and I feel guilty for every minute he spent in his cage and not with me.

My condolences to everyone else in this forum going through the same thing as we are.

Mar 13, 2018
Jeffrey RIP in Heaven
by: Ferd

After 15 yrs My Sun Conure Jeffrey died in 4-5 days period, He started pulling his chest feathers and around his body where he could reach his beak until his own flesh chewed to bleed, I dont know why this behavior happened, maybe I wasn't playful enough to him or maybe the food that we gave or maybe the food that I cook in the kitchen got him toxic. I love him so much I missed his calling me in his vocal tune intenteded for me when I get home and he comb my eyebrow and back hair with his beak and kiss my cheek multiple times with the kiss sound. I don't deel good anymore of his departure.

Mar 13, 2018
Green cheek concure.
by: Anonymous

I lost my green cheek concure last night. It's killing me not knowing why she died. Everyday she talks and talks and talks but I noitice that she wasn't talking much yesterday. We found her upside down in her cage unresponsive. She was only 4 years old and from what I heard concure can live a pretty long time I heard up to 80 years even. I miss her dearly and wish I'd know why she died so sudden especially because she acted fine yesterday except for the lack of talking which is unusual for her.

Mar 12, 2018
Lexy Nanday Conure
by: Anonymous

My little Lexy passed suddenly last week. Like all your comments, she was fine and playing and tossing her food out of the cage while me and my family were eating dinner. Then I heard her scream and ran to her cage and in one breath she was gone. I am beside myself and my house feels so empty with her. I used to call her my guard bird, she would know exactly when I pulled into the driveway and start yelping, then would walk over to her as she got so excited and she would say"I love you" a few times. I miss her"night nights and her snuggle. My house is so quiet without her. :(

Mar 11, 2018
Lost my Scout last night
by: James D

I lost my Scout, a 13 year old black capped conure. He spent most of those years on my shoulder as I worked from home as a graphic designer, We had a 13 year conversation and I’d say I learned more about love and life from him than any other being. He was fine all day, ate well, played and when I checked on him before dead On Daylight Saving’s Eve he was limp on the floor of his cage. I’m amazed at the depth of the shock we feel when these little creatures move out of our lives. But they will always live in us ever after as we remember their silliness and pranks, their need to cuddle. Even the bites were ok and the annoyances that sometimes come with their jungle cries. I’ve lost pets before but ive never thought of his as a pet. Somehow I was not his "owner," rather he let me into his flock, There will be no replacing Scout, but I think I must have another of his pals in my life, to further teach me about patience, compassion and caring for another outside of ourselves. RIP Scoutyboy.

Mar 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

We got a jenday conure around the beginning of 2018 when we picked mango (the bird) he was only 6 months old on March 9 2018 he died out nowhere yes it was very sad I cried a lot but it makes me sad it only live to be around one

Feb 16, 2018
Goodbye baby
by: Gabel

My mother was home today with my Charlie and she noticed he was throwing up on top of his cage and almost fell off it, she caught him and wrapped him in a blanket. Had all of our friends and family googling stuff to help out and even called our vet friend and she didn’t know what was wrong. He had nothing wrong with him the morning of and was with me most of the day too. I’d wish I’d be able to find out what went wrong with him.

Feb 16, 2018
by: Anonymous

My Charlie was 6 years old... all Of a sudden he was throwing up and then very disoriented. I picked him up and he started clicking and making noises then he was breathing heavy and within a few minutes was just dead.

Feb 14, 2018
Sun Conure named Bob
by: Anonymous

I lost my 17-year-old sun conure named Bob today, suddenly. He was fine this morning. I work and my husband is retired, he said Bob was fine until about an hour before I came home when he started breathing very fast. My husband called me in the car when I was on my way home and said "hurry" but I didn't make it in time. Bob was gone when I got home 15 minutes later. He has not been sick, was playing last night, and as usual said "Hi Bob" when I uncovered his cage this morning. We miss him terribly. This is such a shock.

Feb 07, 2018
My Pineapple Cheek Conure
by: Kenny

My bby Puty was almost 1 year old ,playful, beautiful she loved to eat sing , she was my first bird and I loved her very much but on 2/5/18 she passed so suddenly, she was eating that day playing doing everything that she always did but this time I don’t know what happened she was in her cage I went upstairs 10 minutes later I come downstairs to put her to sleep and noticed that the other bird Papa was at the bottom of the cage dead with all the commotion I forgot to check on Puty and when we didn’t see her on the cage got closer and she was there at the bottom her grasping for air and making weird noises like 2 seconds later she was dead, both of our birds dead the same day and seconds apart ,we are very sad we are not ourselves any more because we miss them so much and worse we don’t know what happened , now I’m reading in this page that it happened to a lot of people and feeling sad for all of us we are missing a part of our family,never forget them like I’ll never forget Papa and Puty.

Editor's note: This sounds like a case of something toxic in the air like air spray, Teflon fumes, perfume, cleaner fumes etc.

Feb 05, 2018
Lost my Sun Conure named Papa
by: Maribell Alvarado

I had my Papa for 3 years, very closed to me always kissing me and he wanted to be on my shoulders all the time.He played a lot with his favorite bell, he passed 2/4/18 he was fine spent the whole day with me eating singing, left him for 10 minutes when I came back to put him to sleep I founded him at the bottom of the cage dead no signs nothing just dead,it broke my heart now I’m in shock wondering what happened to him and with no answer, nothing new everything was the same in his cage,this was very weird and strange the way that he passed I will never be the same missing him tremendously crying every day can’t even sleep.Now I’m afraid to get another one because of the pain.

Jan 24, 2018
So sudden
by: Shannon

My bird was fine and normal. I heard him make like a coughing noise and went over to find his head was twisted. He tried to fly but couldnt move and within 2 minutes had died. I am so confused and upset because he had been normal and happy before this. Is there any explanation? X

Jan 23, 2018
Died today
by: Camille

Today my green-cheek died today I had her 9 years Crystal all the sudden I looked in a cage and she was in the bottom having trouble breathing I picked her up she looked at me and died in my arms I buried it with her house and the red blanket like the Native Americans and tobacco put all your favorite toys and some food and water for her journey I miss her terribly

Jan 20, 2018
My two special sun conures.
by: Anonymous

Bongo 11 years old & Pooka 12 years old.
Suddenly passed away Thursday January 18, 2018. Cause is unknown. We will miss you two.

Jan 14, 2018
Lost the love of my life
by: CeeJay

My best friend and my little mate died 2 days before Christmas I had him enrich my life for 11 years he spent 80% of his life on my shoulder and always in my heart my Rocky Road is and always will be missed love you little guy my mom quickly bought me for Christmas a new baby yellow sided turquoise green cheek 10 wk. Old baby girl and boy am I learning how to be mom to a baby she is fisty energetic and wow what a primo Donna temper when she doesn't get her way she is 2 handfuls to say the least but I love her she isn't my boy but she is filling an empty spot and a challenge and she fills the otherwise empty air with new sounds God watch over my Rocky and teach me more patience with

Jan 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

My Cherry head Conure died today. I had her for 23 years. I left the house today for a few hours and came home and found her on the floor. I picked her up and she turned her head, looked at me and died.
I just can't believe it. I got her from a pet store that somebody gave to them. The owner said she was abused and was afraid of people. I brought her home and introduced her to my other Cherry Head and they became friends. It took almost a year before I could come near her cage and then one day she climbed onto my shoulder.
She would walk around the house following me into every room. It's going to be hard because I was always looking done in fear of stepping on her. She ruled the house keeping the dog and cat in their place. I'm going to miss my little friend.

Dec 28, 2017
by: Crane

My conure just passed away today his name was Qtip felt I would use this forum to help with the sadness I feel. He was a very happy bird always very excited to see me even when I wasn't at my happiest or having a great day. He loved to cuddle and always wanted to follow me everywhere. He will be sadly missed already miss his chirping, house seems so quiet without his presence. Hope he is chirping away in bird paradise miss you my friend fly high.

Dec 25, 2017
Green Cheeck Conure passing
by: Andrew Tuutle

Our sweet little playful guy Kiwi passed away today (12/25/17) on Christmas day. He was about 15 years old. One month prior on Thanksgiving night we noticed he was very lethargic and could barely stand. I noticed he landed awkwardly on the cage after flying and looked a little shook up. Hours later his symptoms got worse. So we rushed him to the vet where he stayed the night on oxygen and pain relievers. The next morning he was seemingly completely back to normal. So we took him home and booked an appointment for a vet the next day.

The vet said everything seemed fine with him. Then one month later on Christmas Day he was his happy self having fun with the family who was at the house for Christmas. Then around 6 he got very lethargic again and we were going to rush him to the vet. Before we could even make that happen I noticed he was getting worse and could barely breathe, then suddenly he curled up and passed away in my hands.

He was the only pet in the house, so he was a very big part of our family. He will be dearly missed. I love you always and forever Mr. Kiwi.

Dec 19, 2017
Lost my baby today
by: Rachael

I had my green cheek for about 6 months. She was loveable and smart. She would climb up the cage and squeak whenever she saw me. I found her dead today. She seemed okay the night before just tired. She fell asleep on my boyfriends shoulder. We're thinking maybe she was sick. I heard birds can catch human viruses, but we didn't know. We should have been more careful. I am so distraught. I loved that bird. Im afraid to get another because I could never replace Elli and what if this happens again.

Dec 01, 2017
so sorry
by: catherine

Sorry to you all to read your news.i miss my merlin so much.xx

Nov 29, 2017
by: Bellcy

I only enjoyed my green cheek conure Rio for minyh a a half , I tamed him , we watched TV together , had dinner together , he was by my side when I was cooking and even working . We created a strong bond .
I am devastated today , I found my babe dead in his cage .
He seemed normal last night , he was playful , eating well and actually felt asleep on my shoulder
I still don’t know what happened

Nov 28, 2017
Sunny, DeeDee
by: Rocio M

My baby died as well, He started moving around the cage it just seemed like someone was torturing him. My aunt tried giving him CPR I thought he made it through to take him to the vet but he didn't my little Deedee didn't make it, I know he is living in Heaven with God.

Nov 17, 2017
Mr. Giggles
by: Patricia

Today my conure parrot suddenly died. He was 19 years old. My heart aches terribly. I can barely breathe. We ate dinner together and watched TV, He suddenly started wheezing for air. I attempted several times to breathe in his mouth but he faded away quickly. I’m missing my baby...can’t stop crying.

Nov 02, 2017
Sudden loss
by: Linda

We had our green cheek Conure a little more than a year and today we found him dead in the bottom of his cage. He appeared to be in good health and was talking up a storm the night before. The only thing I noticed this morning was he had fluffed up his feathers. We are just devastated.

Oct 03, 2017

My Baby who would've been 2 Oct 1 suddenly had a seizure and died! She was fine healthy and the only sign was her weakness and sleepiness but even at that point it was too late! I have never felt such a loss! My little Sun Conure was the light of my life! I am currently reserving a new baby and I am terrified of doing something wrong! I will no longer allow free flight, I will no longer feed as many treats,as I heard too much protein from nuts can cause toxicity! what else can I do to be Safe?? PLEASE any help is needed!!

Sep 29, 2017
Sudden death
by: Sasha

I had kesha (greencheek conure ) for about ten years now .. my father found him freezing cold sitting outside on a bench park and brought it home every since then i always loved her and enjoyed her company ... just yesterday i was cleaning her cage and rearranging her toys to keep her happy... she was jumping around , flying and just being so cute ... today i come to give her food and find her in a corner dead :( i cant believe it there were no signs of her going ... i buried her on the beach on higher ground ... i cant believe my baby is gone ... i just dont know what to do ... i used to study and she sat with me for hours 🙁 now i have no pet . Birds are awesome ❤️

Sep 26, 2017
My beautiful baby sunny
by: Jaida

at about 1pm I noticed something strange about my sun conure he could hardly keep his eyes open he was so tired and weak. he couldn't even step up on my finger. I got him out of the cage and put him in a box we rushed to the vet. he was put on oxygen and he was in a coma. at about 4:30pm he was announced dead. he had a heart attack I only got to hold my baby for 16 days.

Sep 21, 2017
by: catherine

To all that comment here,it breaks my heart to read about the loss of other feather babies.
I am so sorry for your boy died 4 days before my birthday. I have a Senegal and wonder if he knows my merlin has gone.

Sep 21, 2017
My sweet conure
by: Anonymous

I was just holding my little baby last night and he was unusually being very sweet. I could tell something was a little off and I wanted to take him to a vet. But there was no avairy pet vets available at that time of night even a emergency clinic. I feel so stupid that I could've done something. It honestly broke my heart and I only had him for a month.

Sep 17, 2017
maroon belly conure
by: catherine

My 'Merlin' died 14 sept, he was 20 yrs old.I got him when he was 9 was old.he was fine then suddenly on his back !wings out and screaming. I held him close to calm him down and keep him warm, for 3 hrs I cuddled him,he had the same 'fits ' 3 more times, he died being loved so much, now there's a huge empty space in my living room,and my heart.

Aug 18, 2017
My sweet little Molly, a Black Capped Conure
by: Ryan

She was the the middle child of 5. Only 2.5 years old. Monday, she was super happy and 100% normal. Tuesday, I went to go check on all the birdies and their food and water and found my little Molly at the bottom of her cage. I am having a really hard time dealing with her being gone. I got up this morning and took her to the vet to be cremated. I should get her back on Tuesday. It happened suddenly without any warning. I really don't know what happened. She was my special little girl as she would only come out of her cage for me and not for my wife. My two Sun Conures and two Jenday Consures have been screaming a good bit more the last couple days. Pretty sure they miss their sister as well.

Aug 17, 2017
Our adorable Arthur
by: Anonymous

Our GCC Arthur died last night and I am beside myself, I loved that little bird so much. He found a dark cozy snuggle spot on the sofa and I am scared that he may have been smothered - he often hid in secret places but would be very vocal if we squished him. But I didn't know he was there and I didn't hear a thing - was it my fault or did he pass of something else? I am torturing myself, he was much loved, cared for and so affectionate, I cannot even comprehend his not being around anymore. He was only 4 years old and I remember how he picked us when we were in the pet store - that's how he was, taking charge. It was his way orvthe highway. I miss him so much 😢

Jul 31, 2017
Fly free, English
by: Anonymous

My lovely cockatoo English suddenly passed last night! I have no idea what happened! It was a normal Sunday night, my daughter kissed English good night like always, and she went in her cage. She seemed 100 percent normal. We sat down to do school. (I homeschool my daughter) About 11:00 we heard English scream. We ran to her cage and she was laying on the bottom, panting and still. I took her out and let my daughter hold her, and in the next minute she was gone. My daughter is completely devastated. We got her a parrotlet, and she named her English Jr.

{{Fly free, English, we'll see you when the time is right}}

Jul 10, 2017
Until we meet again my Alfy.
by: Anonymous

My Alfy passed this morning suddenly. It was within minutes he was gasping for air and he died. It's so sad. There must have been something in the air that made him sick. I know that years ago I had another conure and I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast wth a teflan pan and pam and he died suddenly after that. I found out later from bird talk magazine that he was poisoned by the fumes emitting from those two items This time (not knowing) I think the clay pot I was cooking iwith had some fumes that affected him. That's the only thing I can think of that it could have been. He was always well taken care of and a healthy appetite. Please be aware of what you cook with around your pet bird!!!! They are very sensitive to the air around them and toxic fumes will kill your pet!!!
Good bye my Alfy. I love you and will miss you dearly. 🙏🏼

Jun 24, 2017
My sweet sweet little baby..
by: Anonymous

Happened 2 hours ago.
My sweet Cockatiel boy who I raised from 4 weeks old, died in my arms. We were getting ready to go to the vets because he was quiet and out of character. My daughter kissed him gently and said "I love you," and as soon as I placed him in the box he started flapping and curled up and passed.

Absolutely devastated. I am not handling this death very well, we were always together. I miss his whistles and cuddles. I miss him misbehaving. I miss him. I don't know how to be in a house where he isn't anymore.. I blame myself. There must have been something more I could have done. Something I didn't notice. He was such a happy little boy. I needed more time with him.

May 14, 2017
Cheeky George
by: Anonymous

My maroon bellied conure who I had for 17 years passed away overnight.

Was find on saturday and abit quiet sunday but still drinking and eating. Seemed rather quiet sunday night so googled what to do and set about keeping him warm and confortable until the morning. But alas he didn't make it to the morning when I was going to take him to the vet. He passed away overnight. Will be sadly missed. Specially his excited squeak each night I arrived home. RIP George

May 11, 2017
My Crimson Bellied found dead (Texas)
by: Josep

I have a 7 yrd old son and about a year ago I bought him his 1st pet Cubee(Crimson Bellied Conure). He looked perfectly healthy, happy and normal except for this morning. Before I took my son to school, we noticed he wasn't moving much when food and water were placed in the cage. We also noticed that he wasn't making much noise.
My wife just texted me the pictures of the bird dead in the cage. It's sad to hear my son cry but also sad because he was a gentle, fun, social and happy animal. I don't understand how this could have happened when he looked perfectly normal.
Any ideas or suggestions?? I am now trying to make a decision of whether we should get another one or just simply don't get any more birds.
I was amazed at how smart and gentle these animals. We are very sad and I can just imagine my son when I get home tonite.

Apr 28, 2017
Our naughty little Diego
by: Rosalyn Townsville

Hi Our sun concure, Diego suddenly died a few nights ago. The only thing I can think of is we gave him red papaya (from my mums garden). We are at a complete loss and miss him so much. It was my little girls and they were inseparable.

Mar 22, 2017
On behalf of Echo
by: Mark L, Maine

Echo; a white-eyed conure; was adopted into this household about 22 years ago; from an area pet store; where he (and another, older, white eyed) had been consigned. He joins 7 of his flock mates; that have also passed. He was fine today; drenched from bathing; pnfeathers; grooming, loving the chin scratches and head ruffling. Saw me off to work most every day; welcomed me home the way conures do. "Up, up, UP!!!" is the call...
He has had seizures or startles a few times through the years; tonight; all was well in the covered cage; an hour later I hear an unusual call; urgent; and I ran down stairs and put on the light. Echo was sprawled on the bottom of the cage. Lifting him gently; I attempted to revive him; but in less than a minute he was gone.
Seizure? Stroke? Aspirated food? Doesn't seem to matter too much right now.
Echo, and all the others; will be remembered for their unquestioning love and unique individualities. Fly on ahead, little friend; I will catch up with you when it is time.

Mar 14, 2017
My beautiful GCC Is gone RIP G.G.
by: Anonymous

This morning I came in to uncover my little girl G.G for the day and I found her passed away in the bottom of the cage. My partner and I cant have kids so to me she was our little girl. We have had her for around 6-7 years and it kills me inside that our little angel isnt here with us anymore. After I found her I held her in my arms for around an hour giving her last kisses goodbye and telling her how much we loved her. I placed her in a cloth and put her in a container with one of her toys and buried her under our Mandarin bush in our back yard. This is so hard for me I loved that little girl so much wasnt it something I did. R.I.P my little G.G fly high you will always be missed my gorgeous girl ❤❤❤

Feb 23, 2017
Death of on Conure
by: Anonymous

I had a conure. Her name was Jessie., she was so lovable always snuggles with me. 6 months ago I got back with my husband who i was separated with and he didn't like birds so I had to build an avery for her. I bought a ring neck and Jessie got closer to the ring neck whisper. I go inside the cage daily..spent time with them. I went on a holiday for a month. My son looked after them. when I returned I went to their cage. She seemed fine and happy. I couldn't spend much time as I was tired after traveling from over seas. Next day I found her dead. I m so sad, I cant bear the pain. Its been 4 days she is gone. Trying to think why she suddenly died.

Feb 16, 2017
My Maroon bellied Conure
by: Justin

Hey guys I just wanted to say I just lost my Maroon bellied Conure last night,it's really sad & hurting me really really bad,I wouldn't think it would hurt this bad losing my conure but it's devastating & painful that he's not here anymore,Jay loved me & my girlfriend so much,he would even scream if I wasn't around & he would be happy soon as I came to him,he would wait in his cage or door for me to tell him to stand up & snuggle next to me,he would make the same sounds as I did,he would even wake me up in the mornings lol,he would eat with me,I would shower him & everything,he was like my best friend ,he never wanted me to leave his site at all,Jay was the happiest & most awesome Conure in my life😪😪😪😪 he will always be missed!!!! I love him to Death & I can't even believe he's gone now,my house is so quiet now without him & its killing me😒😒😒😪😪😪 idk what to do anymore honestly!!!! So I buried him in the front of my apartment outside the window!!!🙏🏼😪😪😪 I had to put his cage away because it hurts me that he's not here anymore!!!!😒😒

Jan 07, 2017
Haru and Haku
by: Anonymous

I had two green cheeks. My first one wasn't even a year old when a cat got her. I asked my parents if we could take her to the vet. They didn't do anything until minutes before her death trying to call vets. It was too late. I my other conure I also had was not a baby when we got it but he was happy and healthy. I had the bird with me while we were cuddling. I fell asleep but I didn't crush him or anything. I woke up to a lifeless bird in my hands. I wasn't awake or anything to see the birds death or try to help it.

Dec 19, 2016
Sudden death
by: Fraser

Our GCC 20 mths old, was happily playing in/out and around his cage. He was relatively quiet, but had been in good spirits earlier in the evening according to my son, who let him out and played with him on his arrival home from school Mango was his usual chirpy self during the noises of dinner cooking. As I went to put his cover on for bed, I found him laying on the bottom of his cage. I promptly grabbed him out. Amazingly he didn't try to bite me. My 9y/o son is the only one who could put his hand in the cage that he would happily climb onto. As my wife was trying to call the vet his claws curled up and his wings contorted and his back arched severely. A small amount of yellow liquid discharged from his beak and then he sat lifeless before padding away. Needless to say we are all devastated. None more so than my 9 y/o who observed everything happen. He was responsible for the daily cleaning of water and changing food. Mango is the first pet we have had as a family that has died. Our 6 y/o was in bed asleep so will have the challenge of breaking the news to him tomorrow.

Editor's note: So sorry for your loss. If the bird was out of the cage in a room that is not "bird safe" then it probably chewed something toxic or breathed something toxic. Even walking on the floor is dangerous because you bring in toxic substances on your shoes from outside.

Dec 11, 2016
Fred and George were fine, and then they weren't
by: Anonymous

It was a typical day of talking and singing and sliding up and down the bars of the cage for Fred, while George was tending to her eggs she has been laying this month and coming out for food and drink and the random hello, until 8pm when George came out and was saying hello, and then she dropped to the bottom of the cage, gassing for breath and losing balance, I quickly grabbed her out of the cage and tried to figure out what was wrong, she snuggled me calmly and seemed to go back to normal until she suddenly flapped her wings and her breathing slowed to nothing at all. I quickly called the 24 hour vet and confirmed they could care for her. all the while Fred was in the cage acting just fine so I stupidly didn't give it a second thought to check him too. We rushed to the animal hospital and on the way George passed. I then came home worrying how Fred would go on without his companion of three years only to find him face down in the cage in the same state George was in not even an hour before. I feel guilty. I feel like the worst bird Mom ever. While I was worried about one baby, I left the other to die alone and afraid.
It was sudden and I had no idea that they were going to die, they had no symptoms of illness. I feel like I just lost my best friends.

Dec 04, 2016
Rest in Heaven, Baby.
by: Mel

My little green cheek died an hour ago.
My grandma was coming down the stairs and stepped on her and she tried staying alive she tried to get herself bakc up on her feet and she tried to survive.
She was 7 years old and I had her for 6 tears.
The house will never feel the same way again with her gone.
I'm not sure how i'm supposed to feel right now.
She was my baby i just hope she's happy and in peace up there looking down on me.
R.I.P Precious.

Nov 30, 2016
He left so fast
by: jean q

My little conure just died
It was sudden.
He suddenly started dragging his wing. There wasn't even time for the vet
I made sort of a baby sling for him
I was holding him when he died
He was so little and sweet and bossy and snuggly and and silly
I have a dog I adore but was something even stronger about our love for each other
He could always make me smile no matter how I felt
He made himself such a big part of my life
His stuff is all over the house
I was always making cool perches for the window where he sat in the sun after his bath, yelling about what he saw, in the living room another perch...he only went in his cage when he wanted to go to bed
I taught him to fly. He was a rescue and came to me with clipped wings, so he was scared to use them
He loved to hide and make me chase him around the house until he was tired and then he would step up and snuggle
He slept on my chest for an hour every night, then he'd wake up and go sleep in his "house".
This is unbearable I can't stand it
I can't even look at his body. I'm hiding in another room right now
I am so glad I found this page. Thank you
To everyone else: birds sometimes die suddenly. It just happens. It's like crib death in human babies. Sometimes the vet can't figure it out
We did nothing wrong. (Speaking for, and to myself and probably most of you)
Often beings die for no good reason.
Does anyone have any ideas for a way to honor him; a goodbye ritual? A song, a prayer...
RIP little Mishka. You were so loved, my little friend.
Fly to big skies, and remember me

Nov 20, 2016
Mango my GCC
by: Lisa

My beloved GCC Mango passed away unexpectedly yesterday (11/17/16). He was only 6 months old and I've had him for only 4 months. I am so devastated and have been searching for an answer as to how and why. Was it something I did? How could I not notice any signs? We started our morning as usual. He was peeking through his cage, caught me and said, "step up!" I opened the cage and he flew to me. We went to work as usual in my home office and he was snuggling against my neck to keep him warm. He was sleeping. There was nothing out of the norm. After lunch, we went back into the office and he has this "sneeze/choke" and spat some water onto my hands and I thought, "what was that?" I have never experienced that and within seconds, his head/neck was bobbing so quickly and I've never seen it before and he was vomiting his seeds from lunch. A few seconds later, he did that second with more seeds and I started to freak out. I had no idea what was going on. He then came to my hands and was so weak and appeared lethargic. He couldn't even stand or hold his weight. His eyes started to shut and he wasn't able to stay awake anymore. I held him in my hands to keep him warm and his heart stop beating. I gave me him my last kisses and hugs and told him I loved him. It broke my heart and it was the most sad day of my life. I held him in my hands to keep him warm for about 4 more hours until I had to finally let him go. I had him in a box and buried him in our backyard. I miss him so much. I never thought I could love a bird so much, but Mango and I spent almost all day and night together. I love that silly bird. Now whenever I come home, I miss his whistles at me and when I leave, he keeps whistling at me becomes he loves to accompany me. I can't bare to put his cage away. He will always be in my heart.

Nov 10, 2016
Our baby Nona
by: Johanna

Though each of these stories are heartbreaking, I took some comfort knowing others have gone through the same... our otherwise healthy green cheek conure Nona bird, died suddenly 2 days ago. She was 13 years old. We managed to get her the vet once we noticed her distress but apparently we were too late. We lost her shortly after we arrived home. The doctor administered antibiotics and vitamins but said we'd be lucky if she survived the night. I wish we could have seen the signs sooner. We are devastated and miss our littlest family member. RIP Nona bird!!! We love you.

Nov 04, 2016
My green cheeked conure
by: Anonymous

I just got my conure baby a week ago, 8 months old. We bonded instantly after 2 days. I followed every direction i was given. He was out all the time with me and after taking my kids to school in the morning i came home to him usually screeching for me but this time no sound. I went to check on him and he was laying on the bottom of his cage dead ! No signs of injury, no dhiarea,no fluffy feathers or nothing. I have no idea what had happened.

Oct 12, 2016
RIP my dearest Zazu --I love you
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about your bird. Our 5 yr old Zazu died today suddenly, im devastated...he was fine this morning - he was eating some papaya which I just bought from the parrot store, don't know what caused his death- he was fine when I left the house at 9am - very happy calling after me and saying "see you" --soooh sweet I will miss him terribly.

Oct 11, 2016
In response to brenda from ludlow
by: Jenna

Brenda! So sorry for your loss. My little sisters best friend/conure died this evening rather quickly. It was disgustingly awful. I've been looking things up for,hours and have found that these birds need to be kept at an 80 degree temperature; when you love in,her England (I'm from monson...hello fellow,neighbor!) you should have a full spectrum lamp on them for a period of time during the day so they get vitamin d and heat, and also a hearing pad below their,cage at night. They need at least 11-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep/rest a day. Do not buy foods or treats from pet stores...they have been sitting on the shelf and can geow mold and they usually have sulfur as a preservative that is lethal to birds. Whole foods shopping! I am going to buy my little sister a hospital cage I'm case this happens again in the future if and when she chooses to get another conure. They are kept at a set temperature. Warmth and fluids are essential to a sick bird. Birds will usually hide their symptoms of being sick but,if,you are lucky enough to be home and witness labored breathing when their tails are bobbing up and down with their body, they're closing their eyes/seem sluggish, and look puffy (they're chilled trying to stay warm)-try feeding them pedialyte via a dropper and keep them in a 90 degree hospital cage-and get them to a vet ASAP! Our bird died in an hour. Sickeningly sad.
Where did you purchase your bird Brenda? Im,curious if they were sick when,we purchased them since we live,so close.

Oct 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

This is,in response to the first comps,t written by Brenda from ludlow, ma. I'm curious to hear more about your conure. My little sisters just died after owning her for 3-4 months. It was awful and she is devastated. The bird was not even a year old yet. Im curious because we live in monson, ma. After spending all night doing some research I have found that these birds may have been sick for a while from the breeder or,pet store; and living here in New England I didn't realize we should've had a full,spectrum lamp on her during the day And getti,g pad below the cage at night :( so much I have found. Where did you purchase your bird?

Sep 10, 2016
Porridge Kaiko (cake-ko)
by: Anonymous

We came back from our grandparents and our little guy always greats us as soon as we walk in. But today was different. We were putting things away and I went to talk to kaiko and I saw him their dead. We were crying as he layed lifeless. We got all of his favorite things like his bell and favorite snacks and we buried him. It was the saddest day of my life.Then the next day, we were all in the living room and his swing was moving by itself. I hope he didn't suffer.

Aug 30, 2016
i miss you chico
by: jubba

few days ago chico died my green cheek, he was my best friend, he was so smart and gave so much love.i dont know why he died maybe he was sick maybe he missed me because i had gone away to my mother in laws house for a few weeks.i feel as because he saw me as his partner and i was gone for so long he became depressed and died my boyfriend was with him everyday playing and holding him and he kept telling me that he was acting weird he slowly stopped saying his name and chirping the way he used too,he stopped playing with his toys. he became week didnt sit on her pirch to much and one morning my boyfriend found him sitting on the pirch quiet with one leg up he was calling his name and chico never responded usually he was so happy to hear someone coming to say hi in the morning. my boyfriend saw he wasnt moving nor responding he looked dried up and like a fake birdie eyes were all blacken, my best friend died it brakes my heart i feel as it is my fault for leaving. he was less then a year old and my boyfriend said in the middle of the night he was crying like never before it was like he knew he was about to die and wanted to die with someone and say bye before he did i miss him with all my heart

Aug 04, 2016
by: Erik

So sorry to hear about Kermit, Kris. Whatever the cause was, it's not your fault. I thought the same thing when I lost my conure, Chicken, early last year. I felt terrible and kept blaming myself, but that only made things worse for me. I found that I could only take comfort in the fact that I gave my bird much love and care, as I'm sure you did with Kermit too. Always remember that you made Kermit happy and gave him a good home, and try not to wonder if you did anything wrong...because you didn't. Remember all those happy moments!

Aug 04, 2016
by: Kris

I arrived home from work this evening and found my poor Kermit (Green Cheek Conure) had passed away. He was 2.5 years old and yesterday was singing and dancing with me but today before work he seemed quiet and distant. My heart is so broken and I can't help but think I did something wrong. He was at the vet last week and they said he was healthy. I miss him so much and the tears just won't stop. I miss my little boy :(

Jun 16, 2016
To Heartbroken
by: Brenda

I am so sorry to hear about your birds passing! Your story brought tears to my eyes and had me recalling when I lost my precious Sammy. There is nothing I can say to make you feel better...but you were BLESSED to have your baby for all those years. I am truly sorry and my thoughts are with you!

Jun 10, 2016
by: itzatwist

My dear sweet Bri died in my arms after 26 years of companionship. My heart is broken & the silence is crushing. The past few days without her have made me realize how much we played, talked & loved on each throughout the day.
We played the game she had invented, then my husband came home & we went outside for about 15 minutes. When we came back in my husband let Bri know we were back & immediately saw that something was wrong. She was down, wings splayed out, eyes dim, in obvious distress. I carefully cuddled her limp body in my hand & pulled her out. Her heart was beating so hard. I held her close, stroking her, talking low & soft till her heart seemed to gentle out & she relaxed her eyes. Suddenly her eyes opened wide & she convulsed hard; head bent under, claws clenched. I managed to relax my sweet baby in my arms for a few more minutes. Then she looked up at me, nibbIed at my arm with her tongue & beak & her claws I clenched. Immediately, her little heart staccato'ed & she was gone.
The silence is heartbreaking.

Jun 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

Me and my sister had gotten a green cheeked turquoise conure who we had named MOCHI and who had just turned 7 months old. He would usually sleep with me and be fully content and happy. We loved him and we knew he loved us but this past night he passed away. I just remember my sister waking me I. The morning telling me he had died right next to me. The night before he seamed fine maybe a bit anxious but fine none the less but I can't help feeling it's my fault done anyone know what could have happened?

Jun 03, 2016
Passing of a buddy
by: John

My Mitred Conure, Jerusalem, died today. Sudden onset of respiratory distress which slowed as I held him and he passed quickly. Always the clown, he will be missed. He was approximately 35 years old.

May 13, 2016
Sun Conure Sudden Death
by: Bob

My wife and I adopted Mandymoo, a gorgeous sun conure from a elderly lady who could no longer care for the parrot. Mandymoo was happy as can be in her new home. She was around 11 to 15 years old. She took to me right off and after a few days of adjusting to her new environment would fly to me wherever in the house I would go. She was very set in her ways,simply stubborn! Her way or the highway!
After a few months she became more attached to my wife,definitely a woman's bird. Mandymoo would go bonkers screeching when wife would get up in the morning & also coming home from work. One evening we went out to eat and when we came home the bird heard us coming in and we heard her making unusual fast paced chirping sounds along with hard flapping of her wings, she then fell off her perch and was gone. It was like she overexcited herself into a heart attack. She always had a well balanced diet and daily fresh well water and her favorite treats. I did notice a few days prior to her end she was unusually gentle coming out of and into her cage and the day before her passing she was on my wife's shoulder who was at the sink doing dishes. It was a thrill to watch the bird climb down her arm into her hand and bath herself under the running water( btw,I did check the temp and water was perfect) So, I guess we'll never know the reason for her passing, perhaps it was just her time but our witnessing it does have merit to the phrase "I'm dying to see you"! RIP Mandymoo

Apr 04, 2016
by: Anonymous

My baby GCC boy... only 2 years old. For the last few days he had been extra chattery and talkative and suddenly, yesterday, silence. I didn't think anything of it since he has his days when he would be pretty quiet. I couldn't take it. He loved me so much that I was the only one who could hold him. But there he lay at the bottom of his cage and eyes half shut. I missed uncovering him this morning and saying good morning to him as he sleepily peeked his head out of his tent to look at me and greet me as he did every morning.

RIP Samson. I love and miss you buddy!

Mar 23, 2016
My sunconur
by: Charlotte

My concur suddenly died. She went on her cage was acting weird screeched and fell dead. Why I don't know

Jan 12, 2016
To Jangos owner
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear about the death of is so very sad! Most of us on this forum have never gotten an answer as to why our birds died...I guess angel birds are needed somewhere! Good luck and my condolences!

Jan 11, 2016
It was so sudden
by: Jango's owner

I didn't realize until I found this page how common sudden death was among conures. This past Saturday night, my own 4.5-year-old grey-headed conure, Jango, went from his usual lively self to dead in only a couple of minutes, right before my eyes.

My mother (to whom Jango was very attached) was visiting, and she opened his cage door to let him either come to her or play on top of his cage. (Jango always spent at least an hour or two a day out of his cage.) In a couple of minutes, he flew out to her. But within a couple of minutes of arriving, he started throwing up -- spitting up lots of bird seed. We thought something must be wrong, and so my mother carried Jango over to his cage. By that time he was too weak to climb to his perch and so sat on the bottom of his cage. I ran and got a heat lamp and plugged it in for him. Then I cut up an apple pear (one of his favorite treats) and put it on the bottom of his cage for him to hopefully eat there if he was too sick to sit on his perch. But as I put the apple pear next to him, he turned around, rolled over, and died.

I'll never forget the wide-eyed look of surprise on Jango's face. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it seemed as if even he was surprised at what was going on.

Anyway, that was it -- from seemingly healthy and happy to dead in only a couple of minutes.

Jango was such a character, and so attached to me and my mother and son, although not so much to my wife and daughter -- although he tolerated my wife! The house is too quiet without him. I'll miss the little guy until the end of my days, that's for sure.

Thanks for this forum to vent. I really can't add anything in the way of knowledge, other than to say spend as much time with your conure as you can.

Nov 17, 2015
Do NOT fly with Delta
by: Tweetie

Yesterday (11-16-15) My sun conure Tweetie passed away. He was 6 years & 10 months old. His death was sudden but there were a few warning signs that I did not catch. On Friday 11-13-15 I had my 2 cats & Tweetie taken to get health certificates done so that my father could fly them to me. I moved & went 2 months without seeing any of them. (No heart break wasn't the cause because I've gone weeks without seeing him before & he's always fine). All 3 certificates were perfect & the vet said that Tweetie was healthy as a horse. The very next day 11-14-15, I flew them out. Delta airlines requires that you pack food & water so that they can feed/water them during their layover. Animals are to be brought 2 hours early. They spent a total of 11 hours traveling with a 6 hour layover. When I picked them up they had their food & water duc taped to the top of their crates but not one of them was opened. My cats were OK. But when I got home & took Tweetie out he was weak & cuddled under my neck nuzzling on me with his wings spread. He was pretty limp. I thought that he was just happy to see me & over excited from that or maybe just a little stressed from traveling.When I set him up & made him a bowl of water he ran straight to it. I The next day on Sunday 11-16-15 I took him to work. He was active & cuddly but still weak. He had only been home a day so I didn't think anything of it. Then the Following day Monday 11-16-15 I took him out of his crate & he sat on my chest while I had breakfast & coffee. What's even worse is that I sat with him for about 15 minutes then I went to put him back in his crate & he wouldn't let go of me which is normal behavior but now looking back that was the last time I held him and kissed him. I went & ran some errands & when I got back to clean & feed him he was gone. From what I've gathered from vets & the situation in general, it's more than likely that he died of heat stroke or being banged around on the flight which would explain the weakness. I called the vet to double check & make sure that he really was ok the day prior & she assured me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Tomorrow I am having a necropsy done to see what the exact cause was.

Oct 24, 2015
conure sudden deaths
by: Erik

Sad to read about Ivy and Bobby, and sorry for your losses. You have my sympathies! Birds can be such delicate creatures, so it's hard to say exactly what causes these sudden deaths. My conure, Chicken, of 8 and a half years died in a similar manner back in February (as I detailed in my post here from back then), and I'm still not sure exactly why. You could get a necropsy done, like I did, but it's still not a guarantee. I got it narrowed down to three possibilities - a reaction to a toxic fume from somewhere, a heart condition or a liver condition. One thing I did find for sure was that my bird was a female, as she was never sexed when I bought her, so I had assumed she was a he for so long. Again, sorry to hear about this...

Oct 19, 2015
sudden conure death
by: Anonymous

Our 8 year old green cheek, Bobby, died yesterday. I am out of town and my husband called to tell me. My son said Bobby looked a bit listless sitting on his perch, and my husband noted in hindsight that Bobby wasn't talking much. He went into his snuggle bed and while my husband was watching tv, Bobby suddenly fell out and was dead. He was seemingly healthy and cheerful, and suddenly this happens. I am stunned and heartbroken. How does happen?

Sep 16, 2015
Sudden Death Green Cheek Conure
by: Sherryl

Wow is all I have to say after reading about all of these beloved GCC's suddenly dying. Ivy was just six months old and was my beloved companion for not quite two months. She was finally getting her feathers back from a molt and was starting to trust me. I came home from work this evening to find her sitting at the bottom of her cage listless. She was my first parrot but not my first bird. I tried finding a vet that would look at her after-hours and was saddened to learn that the only avian vet in town wasn't accepting new patients. So, two hours of her shallow breathing later and one shudder she died in my hands. We hadn't known each other for very long but my grief and sadness following her departure are very real and painful. I have moved her cage and toys out of sight and continue to replay the past 24 hours over and over wondering what happened and why so suddenly. Seems as though my experience isn't so unusual. Little did I know just how much a part of my life she already was until she was gone. Love and miss you Ivy RIP!

Jul 27, 2015
To Anonymous
by: Erik

Sorry for your loss. I think it depends on how you feel and how you go through the grieving process, but I'd wait at least a little bit before making any decision. Not too long after I lost my conure, our cat died (totally different causes). It took my wife and I about a month or so before we knew it was time to get a new pet. We reached a point where we hated coming home night after night to an empty house with no loving pets waiting to greet us. We welcomed two adolescent rescue cats (sisters) into our home and it helped to ease the pain and the grieving process. We had no intention of replacing our cat who had passed away (for they all have very different personalities), but the presence of other pets brought us joy in a time when there was sadness. I imagine I'd feel the same way had I got another bird down the road.
I think you and your family will know when it's time, if you choose to get another conure.

Jul 27, 2015
Our baby girl died last night
by: Anonymous

Our beautiful little baby girl was only 3 months old and when my daughter woke up today she was gone. We want to know what happened to her. Is it something we did? but after reading all your posts I realize we will never know. Did any of you get another conure? My little girl is so attached. If you did, did it help?

Jul 11, 2015
To LD's owner
by: Erik

So sorry to hear of LD's sudden passing. I learned that so many things can cause this when my beloved conure of 8 1/2 years suddenly died back in February. I'm still not entirely sure why it happened, as there were a few possibilities listed from the necropsy. They can be fragile little creatures, and are masters at hiding sickness. It still breaks my heart thinking about what happened, but one thing we can take comfort in is that we gave our precious birds lots of love and care.

Jul 08, 2015
Heart broken at my baby birds sudden death
by: Anonymous

last year my pair of conures successfully bred a single chick I named LD. I hand fed LD from 10 days old, to say be had a bond would not even come close. LD was healthy last night and first thing this morning however, at 10am when I went to feed their latest chick (Charlie) I found my beloved LD lay cold at the bottom of the cage.

I have no idea why LD died, that bird was amazing.

Jun 16, 2015
My condolences to all of you and my thanks!
by: Brenda

I am the person who originally started this post several years ago, and it warms my heart to see that there are such wonderful loving people out there as each and every one of you are. It takes a special type of person to love selflessly, and you all are that type. Birds are so very special and have huge personalities...but alot of people never realize that. It is a blessing to love and be loved by one. My heart broke when my Sammy died...I beat myself up over giving her that papaya, but have come to realize listening to all of you that it could have simply been anything. And even a necropsy might not have given me any closure. I loved my little girl (they originally told me she was a boy, thus the name Sammy...but it stuck even when we found out she was a girl!) and she loved me...she would nuzzle my check, 'clean' me, ride on my shoulder every second I was there. She sang country with me and danced with me. She said 'what are doing' and 'I love you', amongst many other things. I tear up just thinking about her. I have not gotten the courage to get another bird...I guess there is still guilt that I did something wrong...but listening to all your stories has helped. Thanks to each of condolences..and PLEASE...if any of you have found success with another bird...share your JOY too.

Jun 15, 2015
My condolences about Chopper
by: Anonymous

So sorry about Chopper, Anonymous. I felt the exact same way when I lost my green cheek conure, Chicken, back in Feb. She was fine for most of the day, and when I came in from shoveling the snow, she had passed. I blamed myself for not being there with her for those couple hours, but I realized it wasn't my fault. And it's not your fault either. Just know that you gave your little bird a good home with all the love he deserved.

Jun 15, 2015
Chopper's Eology
by: Anonymous

Tonight, the love of my life, Chopper, my sweet green cheek conure died. I only had him for a little over a year, but I cannot express the grief I feel over his sudden passing. Chopper spent the whole day as close to me as he could get. I wish I had known he would pass in the mere two hours I was gone. maybe I could have done something. It kills me that I was not there with him when he went. Pet owners everywhere. Cherish your pets. Hold them close. Look them in the eyes and tell them you love them. I would give anything to have Chopper here with me again, just for a moment. i love you Chopper.

Jun 09, 2015
Thanks, Eric
by: Anonymous

I had also been feeling stupid & guilty that it hadn't occurred to me to have a necropsy performed. Based on your post, it appears that that would not likely have been conclusive anyway. Thank you for sharing.

Jun 03, 2015
Re: Sudden Death Explanation?
by: Erik

To Anonymous,

I'm still not 100% sure what caused my conure's death, but the necropsy revealed a few possibilities. Her heart was a tad larger than normal, there were some mast cells in her air sacs (meaning it could have been a toxic fume), and there was also something detected with the liver. It could have been one of those things, but there was no way to know for sure. Birds can be so delicate. I was beating myself up about this for quite awhile, but people (including my vet) repeatedly told me that it wasn't my fault. I learned to take comfort in the fact that I gave my bird plenty of love, and that she had a wonderful eight and a half years.
And to everyone here: Sorry for the loss of your beloved companions. May they always live on in your memories and be close to your hearts.

Jun 03, 2015
Sudden death explanation?
by: Anonymous

I have read numerous comments from others, discussing their conure's unexplained death. Some people even had a necropsy performed. However, no one has provided any answers. I, too, am tortured by the sudden death of my beloved green cheek at the age of 8 years. I thought I took all the necessary care precautions--I didn't give him chlorinated water, or feed him foods known to be toxic to parrots, or give him salted snacks, or expose him to fumes from cleaning products or artificial fragrances..... Yet I still feel that I must have done something wrong. Does anyone have any information (other than pure conjecture) as to what typically causes such a sudden death?

Apr 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

My jenday canure died this morning. I am so sad I can' stop crying. She was 21, very healthy and full of personality. Yesterday she got diarrhea in the afternoon and her head started wobbling. She was still eating and drinking water. Early this morning she dies at the bottom of her cage. I am devastated and confused. I thought her species lived at least 30 yrs. Sigh!!

Mar 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

My beautiful wonderful conure unexpectly died today. I'm so devastated. She was with me all the time. She was fine when I put her to bed. I keep blaming myself that I must of done something wrong. I recently moved but she was doing great. My mother in law had the spray guy come over, that's the only thing I can think of. I'm lost without her.
R.i.p Cruz/tweetie I'll never forget you. I don't know how I became so attached ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Feb 02, 2015
Just lost my beautiful friend
by: Erik

Like sadgirl below, my 8 and a half year old cinnamon green cheek conure suddenly died last night. I put him in his cage so I could go shovel the driveway, and when I came back in, he was lying at the bottom of the cage. Earlier in the day he was totally fine and looked healthy, showing all the positive signs. I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken, because the little guy was bonded with me, and the feeling was mutual. I'm so grief stricken now. I dropped him off at the vet earlier today for a necropsy and cremation, because I just have to know. I keep wondering if I did something wrong, and I wish I had a chance to say goodbye to my best friend. :(

Jan 31, 2015
by: sally

one day i woke up to get ready for school and my dad went to the cage and all the sudden he says oh no and i run to the cage and she is on the bottom of the cage . and she was 3 months old. how did this happen???

Jan 26, 2015
Just so sad and surprised
by: sadgirl

a few hours before my baby conure died he was fine and was showing no symptoms of anything at all. All of a sudden I heard a thump in his cage like I've never heard before. He was slowly flapping his wings and his eyes were wide and he was breathing strange , I started crying and calling every vet I could think of, but soon enough he died in my hands. It was such a shock I still can't believe it. He was fine. He was about 7years old. I felt it was my fault, but what?? He was fine like always :(
I miss my little buddy so much! I'm so distraught . Didn't know this was a common thing.

Dec 31, 2014
Liz, need necropsy to know
by: Tracie

Liz, you would need to have a necropsy done to know, but just by asking if it may have been something the bird ate rings alarm bells for me.

Your bird should be eating 80% high quality pellets, and only 20% healthy, bird safe treats. If you are feeding your bird off your plate, and the food has salt, seasonings and chemicals, you are simply shortening the life of your bird.

If your bird gets out of the cage in a room that is not bird safe, the bird can get disease from stuff brought in on your shoes from outside, can chew toxic things around the house etc.

Dec 30, 2014
Green Cheek Conure
by: Liz

My Mom's Green Cheek Conure, which we were all soo attach too, just passed away today..i can't stop thinking of him and my mom can't stop crying..he was fine these passed days and today afternoon all of a sudden he started walking funny and made this weird noise,like he couldn't breath then he layed on his back and started twisting his neck and puked. I feel horrible i coudln't do anything for him. Does anyone know if he died of a disease or maybe something he ate? Anyone had a similar experince with their green cheek?

Dec 15, 2014
My son's conure died as well, OSU does necropsy
by: Kim Dayton

My son's concure died suddenly as well. Just the same as what all other comments are saying. He was happy and well taken care of. My son is devastated, we just want to know what happened. I asked our vet if they did autopsy to find out what the cause was. They recommended OSU Veterinarian Medical Center. They do necropsy which is an autopsy. I contacted them and they do this for $100 or $125 if you want them to cremate. I had to send his body overnight and filled out a form they emailed me. They will provide a report within a few days as to any visual cause of death. They also do pathology which takes 3-4 months to determine if any disease might be the cause. If you want to contact them and still have the remains call 614-247-4795. I talked to Jenny, she provided all the instructions. OSUVMC is located at 601 Vernan L. Tharp, Columbus, OH 43210. I hope to find out something in a few days. Best of luck to all of you.

Nov 04, 2014
Shay and Storm
by: Dawn

About 2 1/2 months ago, my son and I adopted two green cheek comures from an older couple who no longer had time for them. They were siblings, Shay and Storm, and about 8 months old. They rarely got attention or were handled with their previous owners. Within a week, Shay was on my shoulder and very affectionate, and Storm was ruling the roost. About three weeks ago, Shay was playing and she just fell to the bottom of her cage. After several minutes of lethargic behavior, she had what appeared to be a massive seizure and died. I was devastated. Tonight, the very same thing happened to Storm. I am heartbroken, angry and confused... I am an experienced parrot owner and know how to properly care for my birds. We follow all the rules of bird ownership. Unless these birds were sick or predisposed to something before we got them, I have no idea what happened. My son and I are so sad because we miss our babies.

Oct 23, 2014
Dusty Bird. the maroon bellied conure
by: craig

My best friend of the last 20 years died on Tuesday morning. Dusty Bird was a maroon bellied conure I bought from a friend in 1995 before he moved back to the USA. She was only a year or two old when I got her and although not quite hand tame, with perseverance she became very friendly and quite a clown.

She's been a constant companion and a big part of my life for so long. Her corner of the room feels very empty and every time I walk into the room i expect her to greet me with her usual clicks, whistles chirps and her attempt to say hello.

She could only say a handful of words, her favorite word was toast which was good because toast was her favorite food. Everything she drank she called beer. When hungry she would shout "giiii (give me) toast." Occasionally she would call herself "Dusty Toast Bird" which always made me laugh. Unfortunately she liked to bite me when I laughed and she was on my shoulder.

Oct 11, 2014
by: CJ Wesloski

I don't know why my green cheek conure died. He was only 7 months old. It's fair to say I loved him he was my first and only bird. He loved to cuddle under my neck and sleep, go for rides and was always excited to see me. So excited he was shaking, I couldn't bare to leave him alone. I was always gentle and caring. Last night he cuddled up to me and just died. He showed no sickness at all and he was not crushed. I blame myself for his death but I don't even know how he died, I'm destroyed with this incident and I am relived to see I'm not the only one. I just don't know what happened. I was doing everything right and cared for him so much. I'm sorry I love you Maverick

Sep 18, 2014
My Buddy's dead
by: Joe Angel

My conure buddy who I've had for four year, I found him dead at the bottom of his cage after he was full of life and up to his mean usual self picking on my other conure Lilly. I found him with his eyes pecked out, I wonder if Lilly had enough, he was usually the aggressor and she always backed away, and they always huddles together to sleep in their bird tent. Not knowing the cause of his death is disturbing. Lilly is perfectly fine, I found him at the bottom of his cage with his wings spread out with no more life in him. I have recently changed their food to a kaytee parrot food with different dried fruits in it and nuts. I wonder if this was the cause....

Aug 08, 2014
My Tangie
by: Anonymous

This morning my beautiful full of life conure was on my shoulder as I did my daily to dos. Everything seemed completely fine. After arriving home from work just 6 hours later she laid on the bottom of her cage like she just fell over. I can't even begin to describe the heart ache I feel.

Jul 30, 2013
Our Sweet Conure Suddenly Died
by: Rebecca

I am so glad to have found this thread. I lost my sweet greek cheeked conure died suddenly two days ago. I have been in deep, unrelenting grief and have found a small comfort in finding that others who have had their dear friends unexpectedly leave them.

My conure, Cheeky, was my best friend. He filled a hole in my heart that I desperately needed. Whenever I was home, he was with me: on my shoulder, head, on the pillow next to me, nuzzled under my ear or next to my jaw. He wanted to be wherever I was and wanted to do whatever I was doing. He had such a large personality, bossing around our two cats, chasing them in circles around our kitchen island laughing at them. He talked to our cats in what sounded like English, but not to me or my boyfriend. I would purse my lips out and he would side-step and lean in with his beak. At night, in his cage, when we were in bed, he would make kissing sounds at me and we would make kissing sounds back and forth to each other for a good few minutes. He would screech and scream when we came home, filled with excited energy and burst out of his cage when we let him out. He was only in his cage when we were gone (which was never for too long and sometimes we would leave him out when we were gone), when we were asleep, and when we fed our cats. He was free and loved as our child.

Cheeky had acted a little moody three nights ago, complaining when we touched him, making more noise than usual, but nothing too alarming. When I came home on Sunday afternoon, he was still in his cage even though we had left it open. I thought that he was just in a mood. I was on the phone when he flew on my leg, weakly walking up toward my face. I noticed a little bit of feces on my arm and then looked at his underside and saw more stuck to his feathers. It was right then when I knew that something was terribly wrong. I took him to the living room and told my boyfriend that I didn't know what was wrong, but to just be ready for anything. I just KNEW that my sweet baby was dying. His legs couldn't hold himself up very well and refused to eat or drink. I called the avian vet, but he offered no help. He just told my to give him fruit juice. It was then when I told my boyfriend that we should prepare for him to pass on and just spend his last moments loving him and comforting him. We laid down together with Cheeky on my chest, over my heart. I had my hand gently on his back, feeling his breathing. I kissed him and petted him, said his name and told him that it was okay. In his final moment, he started squawking and flapping his wings and then he was gone. We were traumatized. We don't know why he did that at the very end.

We weren't looking for a bird when Cheeky came into our lives. He literally fell out of the sky onto my boyfriend's head, choosing him to be his papa. We brought him home and our lives have forever been changed by our sweet baby bird. We miss him so much.

Jan 30, 2013
Sweet Pea
by: Jan-Ellen

Sweet Pea, our 20 year old conure, dies in his sleep last night. But he shouldn't have. Twenty years old is still young for conures. He was a happy, alert, healthy bird who had never had any health issues at all, except for a sprained toe a few years ago (by the way, it was from those wooden-block-rope-toys. He got a foot tangled in the fringe.).
He played every day in an open top cage, coming and going, and flew around to dry off on bath days :o). We put him to bed at 8 pm every night of those 20 years in a small cage in our bedroom, otherwise he would get "goofy" and never go to sleep. He was on the cage bottom this morning, dead. He still had his face and beak tucked under his wing for sleep, and his feet looked as though he had just slipped off the perch. His bright orange "bloomers" stood out, and despite the fact he was dead, (I was in shock) they still looked cute to me. I took him out, held him. I put him in a baggie to place his body in the fridge for burial later, and then made my coffee and got ready to leave. THEN it hit me, and I cried and cried. I had hand raised him from the time he was all pink goosebumps and bobble-headed, unable to even support his own head. He looked like a dinosaur :o).
But to add, the only changes we had made recently were we bought some millet at the pet store a couple weeks ago. it was berry flavored. I always bought the regular, but for some reason I got berry. I checked it out good as always, no bugs or mealy webs in the bag corners, or mold, or even musty smells, as I always do. It was fresh. I will check the bag later to see where it came from. If it was China, then we know. But he has been eating it and was A-OK. It sounds more like he smothered himself in his own wing, the CO2 must have built up under it, and he just pur himself to sleep re-breathing the air he exhaled. There was no muss of struggle to his feathers, he looked just alseep to me, but was cold and stiff. I am convinced it was parrot "SIDS". Nothing else makes sense. I haven't the heart to even think about cleaning his cages out. :'o(

Apr 16, 2011
Sun Conure sudden death
by: Tony

I was given a sun conure by a friend who didnt have the time and patience to give him the attention he needed. He ws about 3months old when I got him and we bonded instantly. It wasnt long before my life revolved around him and he showed me much love. He would always go to other people but never let me too far from his sight,and spent alot of time down my shirt. He made my house a home.So much character and personality in such a small package.Just before he died he was being super affectionate with me sitting on my shoulder then he sqwarked like somthing was after him and he flew off my shoulder and landed in the garden a couple of steps in front of me I went to pick him up but he was dead. The not knowing exactly what happened is the hardest thing.I live on an island off the coast of Australia and recently lost my house and contents in a cyclone,but I survived with my bird and he got me through a tough time. He wasnt even 12months old,way too young. I miss him so much.

Oct 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank You for placing my comment on Oct.16/10. I want to add more info. Tiki had laid 14 eggs in the last year and a half, she looked chubby and her eye lids would, and a day or two later her egg would drop to the bottom of the cage, and then she became her normal self again. I do believe she was a one person parrot, she did not bite, allowed me to pet and feed her, and once in awhile would fly 6 or 7 ft. and land on my shoulder, I would walk around the apartment with her, she loved that. When other people were around, she would become a little aggressive, she seemed to prefer women over men. She was my son's parrot, but he would bring her to me in his car( in her cage) quite often. She bit my son's ear extremely hard a few weeks ago even though she was always calm with him. She would let him kiss her, and crawl up and down his shoulder and pant leg. The main reason I am adding this info is that her death may have something to do with all the eggs she has laid. Thanks again for listening, Ellen I guess we will never know the real reason why we lost her.

Oct 16, 2010
sudden death-sun conure
by: Anonymous

My sun conure was 5 yrs.old, I left her outside her cage, I had done this dozens of times, she loved going in and out her cage, she had her food & drink, and did not fly around. When I came back she was on the floor beside her cage. I am devastated, I feel responsible, it looked like she had dropped from the top of her cage to the floor. I feel it may have been different if I had placed her inside. My son & I placed her (wrapped in her comfort towel) at the family plot under the mulberry tree. Help me, I can't go by the kitchen whereher cage was without crying. Ellen

Jan 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Exactly the same thing happened to us with our little green cheeked conure, except she was only just over a year old... its very sad. We were so careful with everything we fed her and used no chemicals around her. However, we also gave her dried fruit as a treat and now I suspect it may have been preserved in an unhealthy way for our bird. It happened on Sunday and really within 5 minutes of our bird being sick she had died. But it occurs to me that the fruit was in her coop cup for three days- she did not really touch it. So maybe she was not healthy from the start- she was purchased in a pet store and had been there for 3 months prior to our purchase- so we have no idea about her breeder or anything.
It is all very sad and we will miss our pet parrot greatly.

Oct 12, 2009
Sudden Death
by: Linda

As Tracie said, a necropsy has to be performed immediately after death.

The Papaya you gave her may be directly related to her death. It should have been a safe product since you bought it from a petstore, and I have worked in bird stores where some products on shelves were growing mold and still for sale. The other thing about dried fruit is if sulphur was used as a preservative. Sulphur products are poison for birds.


I am so sorry about your loss, and a little advice: always buy your dried and fresh fruit and veggies in a health food store or coop and ASK if the dried fruit was preserved with sulphur. Most times, it says on package or bin that it WAS NOT PRESERVED WITH SULPHUR, if not, ask. This will help you in future. As I said, I've worked in a few pet stores and exclusively bird stores, and the things they sometimes have on their shelves they call bird food is frightening.

I don't trust pet stores and their foods. If buying foods from them, be sure to read complete list of ingredients and stay away from their dried fruit and veggies. There are many bird foods on the market that are expensive and also contain a preservatives and other poisons. Packaging looks good, and once you read the ingredients list, you will know they are poison for your bird. Also, do not buy another bird from a pet store. Find breeder(s) in your area or close enough to drive to buy your next bird. Ask if you can have a tour of the facility to see how clean it is overall, and question breeder about HOW MANY BIRDS THEY ARE BREEDING. Some of these breeders are what is called bird mills like with dogs and cats. Most breeders will not let you back into the area where birds are actually sitting on eggs, but you can see everything else like flights for adults and juveniles who are not breeding.If you see filthy flights or birds sitting all fluffed up and not active, you are looking at a bad situation. Most pet stores buy from the bird mill breeders, and most all their birds are sick at time of purchase.

Our hearts go out to you, and grieving takes time, so take time to remember your little bird and all the wonderful times you had together. Celebrate her life and work through her loss. Before getting another bird, make sure cage, perches and toys have been cleaned. One teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water is enough to kill any bacteria or virus. Rinse very well and leave all to dry in the sun if you can, and then you'll be ready to start again. Take your new bird to vet immediately to rule out any illnesses or problems with internal organs.


Oct 12, 2009
Conure died suddenly
by: Tracie

Dr B can not help with this, because he can not examine your bird, sorry. The only way to determine the cause of death would be to take the bird to an avian vet for a necropsy right after it died.

Many things could have caused it's death. If you have any items in your house that have Teflon, an iron, ironing board cover, toaster oven, pots, pans etc. the fumes could have killed the bird.

Teflon is not the only toxic thing, there is a host of other possibilities that only a necropsy would be able to show.

I am very sorry this happened. It can be devastating to lose a bird.

If you wish to see some of the items that are toxic to birds, please read our Non Toxic / Toxic for birds page.

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