Conure sudden death

Now that Apollo is dead, we are wracking our brains to think of something that we should have done. By the time he was obviously in distress, he was very near death. We called a friend to get the 911 number and he was gone. Maybe 10 minutes all together.

We are heartbroken. We've only had Apollo for a little less than a year. He has been such a love!
His band said May of 95 which makes him nearly 16years old.

Is that a short life for a Jenday Conure? He has been so healthy and happy in the short time that we were lucky enough to have him in our family.

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Mar 17, 2011
Conure died
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. :-( It is ofter traumatic when we lose our beloved pets.

You don't know what diet your bird ate before you got him, and he could have had liver or kidney damage before he came to live with you. So, if you fed him the prescribed 80% healthy pellets and 20% treats the time he was with you, you did the very best you could. In fact, you probably prolonged his life and gave him a loving, happy ending!

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