Conure will only bathe in his water dish

by Karen
(East Lansing, MI)

I have a white eyed male conure who is 4 years old and a wonderful pet. He talks a bit, laughs (when he hears it on the TV), loves to cuddle and I have even trained him not to poop outside of his cage.

I know that conures need regular bathing/misting but mine (his name is Gabriel) will not bathe anywhere but in his water dish. I have tried buying him a small separate dish for his cage (we call it his swimming pool) but he won't have a thing to do with it. I have tried putting him in the kitchen sink and misting him with a very light spray of water but he only crawls up my arm or flies away!.

I have seen conures that just love the water and will let their owners spray them with a light mist and/or they love their little swimming pools. Is there a reason that Gabriel will only bathe in his water dish?


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Sep 09, 2008
Conure prefers water dish for bath
by: Tracie

The reason your bird prefers the water dish is because that is what he has chosen. Birds just decide what they want regardless of our wishes.

I suggest you put a water bottle in the cage and encourage the bird to drink from it. Then just put the favored water dish in 30 minutes a day for him to bathe.

You need to place the water bottle above or beside the place the water dish is presently if possible.

On a day you will be home, take the water dish out first thing in the morning after the water bottle has been in the cage for a couple of days.

Put in the fresh food for the morning so the bird will eat and want a drink. Keep putting your finger through the bars and tapping the ball on the water bottle spout to spur your bird's interest.

Once your bird figures out there is water in there, and there is no other place to get a drink, he will end up drinking from the bottle. You might even have to tap the spout and get water on your finger and quickly put it on his beak when he is sitting at the bottle.

You can NOT take out the dish permanently yet. But every time you are going to put food in the cage, take out the water dish so that all he has is the water bottle if you are home.

Usually after a few days of this, you can take the water dish out before feeding them in the morning, put a mark or tape or something to mark the water line on the bottle, and then leave just the bottle for 1/2 a day and see if the water level has gone down. If you are home, you can simply watch to see if the bird goes to get a drink.

Really, once you see the bird get a drink from the bottle, you KNOW they will go there to get more water if they are thirsty. They just have to learn that the water comes from that spout and they are pretty well trained.

Sorry for the long post, but I wouldn't want to just suggest you switch to a water bottle and leave you hanging on how to do that.

One last thing, do not purchase the Lixit bottles that attach with a spring if your bird is allowed to climb around on the outside of the cage. Your bird might get his beak or foot caught in the spring and loose a body part and bleed to death quickly.

Purchase the Lixit bottles that have the bar that lifts to remove the bottle. We sell those here on our site if you can not find these locally.

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