Conure with dislocated leg


I was recently made aware of an injured conure through a posting on a classified listing site. The owner stated in the ad that her bird was injured and she could not afford care for it. The ad read as follows: “My conure has what looks like a dislocated leg. Doesn’t seem to hurt at all because you can touch and move it and he shows no signs of pain. Still moves about the cage and eats fine. I don’t have the money to fix it or even put it to sleep.”

After speaking with her on the phone she explained that the injury occurred after her boyfriend threw the bird against a table after getting angry with it. The bird has been suffering with this injury for more than a week. I explained that the bird may not seem to be in pain but is definately suffering and is likely in shock and may not make it much longer. I told her of the urgency in getting him to a vet. She said there are no vets in her area and she can't afford gas money to travel far to bring him to one. I offered to drive the hour to pick him up from her today but she isn't available as she attends night classes.

I am going tomorrow which is the soonest she can release the bird to me. I have already contacted my avian vet to make him aware of this bird. Any suggestions on transporting the bird and any idea based on what information I have given if the bird would survive an injury like this if it is/has been dislocated for a week or more? I am horrified by this and just want to get the bird out of harms way and get him vet care as soon as possible.

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Oct 31, 2015
At east she tried
by: Anonymous

The original owner could have just let the bird die. As she staed she didn't have the money. She did at the very least reach out for help. There is SO much animal abuse in thei world--China skinning animals alive for fur and eating dogs. Farm animals are cruely raised and kept and lead tortorus lives from the start. Yet I am sure you eat chicken and meat (pigs and cows), yet you turn around and condemn that women for at least trying to get help. Maybe she is abused to by her boyfrined. Show compassion please...

May 22, 2010
Update on rescued greencheek conure
by: Dawn

I picked up the little guy with no problems from the owner. I am in contact with IL Humane Society and working with an investigator there in regard to this case.

The bird formerly known as "little birdie" now named "Yoshi" is doing great. He was seen by my avian vet and he did have a broken leg. His femur was snapped in half. Thankfully it is healing well and by the time I picked up Yoshi, he was able to put some pressure on it. He is now using it to hold food and step up, so he is on the way to a speedy recovery.

My vet also noted that there had been about 10 of his tail feathers that had been pulled out by hand probablly around the same time the leg was broken. These are also growing in nicely. The sad part is that this guy had to throw poor Yoshi pretty darn hard into the table to break his femur since he is a fully flighted bird he would normally have had the instinct/chance to fly away if thrown or flung but to be hurled that hard into a table to break a bone with that kind of impact is just insane.

He is also eating like a pig. According to the owner, he was on an all seed (parakeet mix!!) diet. He is now eating an organic, fresh mix of food which he is loving!! He needs to put on some weight so I am sure this will not be a problem. My vet ran test for PBFD, Polyomavirus and Psiticosis and I will have the results in about a week.

This little guy has won my heart and I cannot imagine him living anywhere else but here with us. I am excited about introducting him to the rest of my flock once I get the "all clear" from my vet. Thanks for the responses!!

May 20, 2010
transporting injured bird
by: The Avian Vet

Travel with him in a small carrier or travel cage, pad the bottom with a towel and partially cover the cage for security.

Dr B

May 19, 2010
Conure with dislocated leg
by: Linda

FIRST AND FOREMOST IS DO NOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO HAVE THIS BIRD BACK. IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD TURN IN THE BOYFRIEND FOR ANIMAL ABUSE. At the very least, make sure this woman KNOWS you are NOT bringing bird back to this hell she's had him in. If she gets nasty, tell her that her boyfriend will go to jail for animal abuse if she pushes the issue. Also do this if she "changes" what is left of her feeble mind.

As for the dislocation, please pick the bird up and carry a small travel crate so bird cannot move around much. If you already have birds, just use one of those. If you do not have a crate, find a heavy duty cardboard box and put some clean paper towels in the bottom. Punch small holes in sides with ice pick or something like that and make sure there are plenty of holes so bird has oxygen. Fold the top flaps down and tape if you wish. Birds quiet down when boxed in this way and rest on way to vet and on way back.

If the bird is not already dead from the shock and stress, he is a SURVIVOR and stands a chance of making it through this. His leg may actually be broken, and if so, the vet will probably have to rebreak it before he can splint and cast it.

Your new bird will need a cage where he can stay in the bottom. A rectangular welded wire cage such as for chickens would be good after he comes home with leg cast. Make sure bottom is always covered with a thick layer of either unprinted newspaper (get it at newspaper office on leftover, very cheap rolls) or paper towels. Last thing bird needs is for feet to get hung in wire bottom. A fish tank can also work, and you'll need a screen top. The fish tank may be the best while he's recuperating because he may need some additional heat in form of heating pad placed and taped on outside of one end of the tank. You can attach it with masking tape. This will give him a place to get warm, and the other side would be cooler. Keep the heating pad on a lower heat so the whole thing does not get too hot.Talk with vet when you go in about ALL of this.

If this woman gives you any more trouble about giving you this bird, call your local humane society people or ASPCA and have one of them come with you to pick up the bird and threaten her with her boyfriend's arrest for animal cruelty.Actually, she should also be arrested as she has aided and abetted the monster in torturing this little bird. NO SYMPATHY FOR EITHER OF THEM, PLEASE!

Please let us know how this goes, and thank you so much for being willing to take this on. The little bird will be the one MOST GRATEFUL to you and may just become one of your BESTEST FRIENDS!


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