Conure with pink under eyes

by Jooji Ahmadi
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

this is the picture of one eye

this is the picture of one eye

Hi I have a black capped and I noticed today that my black capped Conure has pinkish under-eye (both eyes)on the featherless normally white area around his eye.

He seems fine otherwise , looks happy and talks, sings eats properly and washes regularly he is less than a year old and does not show any sign of sickness.
I examined the area with my hand(clean of course) and it doesn't seem to be painful, or swollen (it's only a bit shiny)he is getting lots of new feathers around his eye and therefore has been scratching that area recently and its hard to tell if the pink spots are the cause or consequence of the scratching.
should I be concerned?

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Dec 20, 2010
by: jooji

Thanks for the comment.
the pink spot is long gone, I tried to him wash more than often and the feathers around his eyes also eventually grew so he stopped scratching the eyes. The pink spot healed in 2-3 days.

Nov 09, 2010
Conure pink under eyes
by: The Avian Vet

This appears normal to me. Their eyelids are vey thin and you may just be seeing blood vessels within the skin and conjunctiva of the eye. To be sure however you need to have you bird examined by an avian veterinarian.

Birds should be seen annually for check ups and vaccines, especially when they are healthy. One thing that can cause pink around the eye is exposure to UV light such as sun or full spectrum lighting indoors. If you have UV lamp, it may be too close to your bird. Move it to 24 inches away from your bird.

Dr B

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