Conure with Watery Eyes

by Jessica
(Los Angeles, California)

My pet half moon conure has an eye infection. One of his eyes he can't open. If he does it's usually watery but the other eye is perfectly fine but recently his good eye seems to be getting infected. He opens it at times but the light will bother him. I took him to the vet about couple months ago and they gave us Tobramycin drops but one of my sisters had placed the drops in a warm room temperature and we weren't sure if it was okay to keep giving his eye drops and we decided not to. His infected eye hasn't gotten any better. He seems to be a little fluffly at times. He has also hasn't eaten much and is losing weight. Is there anything I could do to help my bird?

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Nov 05, 2012
Bird with watery eyes
by: Tracie

You need to contact your avian vet and get more drops and probably have the bird examined again. If you didn't use an avian vet, please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find one.

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