Conure won't eat fresh fruit or veggies

by Sheila Sager
(Milano, TX)

my 7 month old pineapple green cheek won't eat any type of foods besides his pellets, seeds, assorted nuts and dried fruit. I offer him a variety of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables daily but he acts like he is afraid to go near them. He does not even try to help himself to food I am eating. He is loving and affectionate and very active, but seems timid around any food. Do I need to give him a nutritional supplement? Any advice on how to get him to try new foods? I have had him for for almost 4 months and he hasn't come around yet.

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Aug 02, 2010
Conure won't eat fresh fruit or veggies
by: Anonymous

Try to cut up apple into tinny bits or any other food and mix it in with his usual food.

Aug 01, 2010
Conure won't eat fresh fruit or veggies
by: Linda

This is an easy problem to work on. Stop feeding him anything except high quality organic pellets like Harrison's or one of the other ones Tracie carries here. Feed absolutely NO human foods, and once bird is eating only pellets, feed no seeds as they are high in fat and fill the bird up without supplying him the correct nutritional balance.Some feed a bit of seeds, and it has been found that unless the amount is small and only a few times a week, birds do not eat their pellets as they need to. My Amazons eat NO seeds or nuts of any kind and are in mid to late 30's and healthy as they can be.

It is important to feed organic pellets to avoid pesticide residue as well as man-made fertilizer residue which is sometimes cow manure which can cause severe enough cases of botchulism to kill humans much less little birds.Preservatives are also poison for birds as are dyes found in the colored pellets. Feed organic because the bit of extra money spent on nutritious food is saved in vet bills, and our birds are living proof of that. Healthy birds do not get sick either at all or as often as birds eating questionable diets.

You are feeding your bird too much and not the right things. If you get him onto an organic pellet like Harrisons' pellets, you will need no supplements of any kind. Supplements and vitamins are usually not absorbed by the bird's body, and can cause more problems because of that.

Your little bird will begin to eat a little bit of both fruit and veggies once he is not overfed. Fruit and veggies need only be 10-15% of a bird's diet which means small amounts a few times a week. Stop the dried fruit altogether unless you are feeding certified organic and even then, limit it to small bits a few times a week if he won't eat fresh. The stuff in the grocery store is preserved with sulphur which is poison to humans and birds.

Here is an article about how to change birds from seeds to organic pellets, and is written by an Avian Vet. Harrisons' pellets are also Avian Vet endorsed. Your bird may take right to them once he gets hungry. Never starve a bird, just follow the directions in article and on pellet package. Organic foods always have to be refrigerated and taken out to warm to room temperature before feeding.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

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