conures living together

by riley

would a dusky headed conure and black capped conure do good in the same cage

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Nov 16, 2011
Conures living together
by: Tracie

They might can live together, but it will be up to them. If you force the birds to live together you might end up with dead birds.

Please read our "Should I get another Green Cheek Conure" story on our Parrot Training page for more information on my experience of trying to put two conures together.

They eventually did decide to share a cage, one bird was dominant so we provided 2 food dishes and 2 Lixit water bottles and put one of each on opposite sides of the cage.

We also provided the largest cage we could find with 5/8" bar spacing so that they would be able to have their own "territories" within the cage.

They quickly became cage territorial and we could not put our hands in the cage without being viciously attacked. We would open the door and let them come out and then play with them. I put on a thick jacket if I needed to mess with the cage while they were in it.

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