conures separated?

by jackie

can conures be seperated after being in the same cage for over 3 years?

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Sep 01, 2012
Fearful Conures
by: Anonymous

I purchased a brother(green cheeked) and sister (pineapple) Conure 9 months ago. They are hand-reared, will hop on a stick but hate our hands. They will follow us on foot throughout the house, but run from us if we approach. They generally have a fearful demeanour. WouId it be detrimental to separate, ideally only keep one, in the hope that it would become reliant on human contact. I was mislead by the breeder, he fobbed off my concerns of not being able to tame them as they would be happy to only have each other. They are now sexually interested in each other but I cannot mate them. I have only ever wanted one bird but felt sorry to leave the other behind in the shop, I now regret this. I do not want to cause them distress, but wonder if it is too late. Please advise.

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Nov 04, 2011
conures separated?
by: Linda

You can put them into separate cages in close proximity to each other. If they are pair bonded sexually mature birds, this will still work. If you are meaning to give one up, then you may have a serious problem on your hands with the one left. Parrots mate for life, and when a mate dies or leaves, many go into severe grief mode and can starve themselves to death, so if they are still immature youngsters and/or a mated pair, just get another cage for one of them, and you'll be okay to go. The grieving is very real as the parrots feel all the same feelings we do when they lose a loved one whether it be to death, being moved away or having the mate moved away.

You can also find cages with dividers in the middle which would be ideal for two birds. I have my bonded Amazon pair like this in a double Macaw cage as the hen picks on her mate to the point I had to separate them. They are still very much dependent upon each other, so the divider allows them to be together without really being together if you know what I mean.


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