Conures wings grow back?

by Kristy

You can't see the blue feathers at all when his wings are closed.

We clipped our yellow sided green cheeked conures wings 3-4 months ago and then decided we don't want to clip anymore. But since then they have not grown back in. He is about 7 months old. Can we still expect them to grow?

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Jul 31, 2011
Conures wing feathers will grow back
by: Tracie

Yes, the feathers you cut will fall out and new ones will replace them. If your bird is going to be allowed to be out of the cage with uncut wings, you need to make sure you have a bird safe room for it to fly in.

If your bird lands on a shelf and tastes a toxic metal or other toxic item, it may die quickly before you realize it is seriously ill.

Birds also die from landing on picture frames that fall over, getting caught in the springs of couches, mouse traps people forgot they put behind something etc.

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