Converting baby budgie to pellets

by Megan

I have had my baby budgie for about 2 months now. I put him into the cage with my older budgie who is still under 1 year after the quarantine period was over and they are getting along great. My older budgie has been eating pellets and fresh foods for around 3 months.She rarely eats seeds because she doesn't like them that much anymore.

I am currently converting the baby to the same diet. I have been watching him during the day and he eats the pellets and the fresh food but not as much as the older bird. Also when i give him seeds at night he eats for ages as if he is starving. Does this mean that he isn't really eating the pellets and fresh food. I am scared that he isn't getting enough food during the day as he always seems so hungry at night.

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Nov 24, 2009
Converting baby budgie to pellets
by: Linda

Here is link to article Dr. B. wrote about converting from seeds to pellets.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

You are right to be concerned about his eating enough. I used a little bit of organic apple juice when I was changing mine over, and they liked the sweetness, so you may wish to try this as well. I suggest you just start over with him and use Dr. B's instructions and go from there.

Also, you don't want your other bird to go back to seeds, so keep an eye on things. You may have to put younger bird in another cage for a while until he is eating the pellets.

Keep us posted on this and thanks for writing!

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