Cookware brands & types of cooking utensils

by Jackie

I am in the process of throwing out my Teflon pans and buying bird-safe ones. Do you have a particular brand of pans you would suggest, I know that I can use Stainless steel, Copper-clad stainless steel, Copper, Glass, aluminum, Cast Iron however I was wondering if you had specific brands you would suggest prior to my purchase.

Also, in regards to cooking utensils, are there any that I should stay away from-I have never seen an article in regards to utensils. Any additional points would be greatly appreciated as well.

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May 17, 2010
Cookware brands & types of cooking utensils
by: Linda

Jackie, thanks for writing! The stainless steel is your best bet for good cookware for your food and for the safety of any pets in the home. Cats are also very sensitive to all chemicals. Glass is also good, and most of the Corning Ware stuff can be used on top of the stove but not in the oven unless it specifies that. They used to have handles that snap on and off for their line of stove top pans, and you'd have to check on that.DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL COPPER CLEANER ON THE BOTTOMS OF THE STAINLESS POTS AND PANS unless you use it outside because all the metal cleaners are toxic to breathe just like oven cleaners. For cleaning copper use equal amounts of salt, vinegar or lemmon juice and flour to make a paste. Use a soft cloth and pick up some of your paste and clean copper-clad pan bottoms. It works, is non-toxic and can be done in the house. Once cleaned, use some baking soda and water 1 cup to 1 gallon of water to neutralize the acid on copper, and you're done!

As for anything NOT to use, stay away from aluminum, not because it will hurt your birds, but because it is very harmful to human health. I'm sure you've seen aluminum pots and pans turn black, and the aluminum material has gone into bodies. It does not come out either, and it eventually lodges in the brain causing many of the senility problems seen today and in the old days. I was a child when the cheaper aluminum cookware came out, and women flocked to stores to buy it and cook their families food in it. Now, we know it is a dangerous product that should NEVER have been made into cookware. The aluminum foil does not seem to oxidize off and into the food, but it could, just don't know about that, and we use it some.

The thing about teflon is that it is safe if it is used properly. This means never letting a teflon pan go dry while on the heat as that's when it starts to burn and the burning product is the toxin for humans and birds, cats, dogs, etc. As long as oil, margerine or water is in the pan while it is on heat it is safe, but with age degrades, so you're wise to just get rid of it. It is another WONDER COOKWARE that has proven to be LESS THAN WONDERFUL AND MORE WORRISOME THAN ANYTHING!

Thanks for writing, and for caring about the health and well being of those around you!


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