Copper bells safe for birds?

I have seen toys with copper bells and copper bells packaged and sold for birds. Is copper safe?

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Jan 14, 2011
Copper bells for birds not safe
by: The Avian Vet


Dr B

Jan 13, 2011
Copper bells
by: Anonymous

I have a CAG, I already know about zinc, lead, cadmium, I dont buy anything from China, and generally only buy toys from 1 manufacturer. My main question, is copper safe, if it is then I will look into where it was made, if it is an alloy, plated etc. If copper is not safe then there is no reason for me to do further research. I rejected the toy I saw the bell on because it was made in china.

Jan 13, 2011
How not to answer a question
by: Anonymous

Well that was a very nice dance around the question with commonly known information, I think the question the person asked was. Is copper, chemical symbol cu, safe for birds? Yes, No, or I don't know.

Jan 11, 2011
Copper bells safe for birds?
by: Linda

You did not say what kind of bird you have, and you have to be careful to not get toys too small for your bird. The clackers in the bells can become dangerous objects that can be swallowed and will either choke bird or have to be surgically removed.

The other issue about the "copper bells" is where were they manufactured? If they are solid copper and were made in the US, what kind of coating do they have on them. If they were made in China, I would move along to some nice wooden toys which parrots love to chew on. Make sure all toy pieces are the correct size for your bird, and usually that is stated right on the package or in the group you buy from like small, medium and large which is for the larger Macaws and Cockatoos though a very industrious smaller Cockatoo can take wood apart easily unless it is Manzanita which takes a bit more time.

The reason for staying away from items made in China is the probability of metal parts including chains and hangers containing lead and cadmium and zinc. They have been using a dangerous carcinogen called cadmium to make the zinc go farther as their natural resources dwindle, and this is ending up in hardware of all kinds being made in China. I suggest you stick to metal items made in the USA, and if you have a question about the item, then contact the manufacturer. Items made in the USA will be lead and cadmium free but may have zinc coatings and zinc is as toxic as lead to birds. You can find stainless steel and/or nickel plated metal items made in the US using a diligent search of the internet. I recommend stainless steel because it is rustproof, cleans up very well and is non-toxic for birds. We use stainless steel hardware for our bird's toys, hanging hardware and perch hardware.Safe metal parts are more expensive, and our birds and yours are well worth the extra money.

Thanks for writing and keep in mind that just because you find it in a pet store, does NOT make it good for your bird. Be aware of the dangers inherent in all bird toys made in other countries and always read ingredients on bird foods you find in pet stores as some of them are loaded with dangerous chemicals a few of which are used in melting down rubber for recycling. If you see something you don't recognize, wait to buy until you have written it down and looked it up on the internet because even preservatives are toxic to birds. Feed organic pellets and treat foods to your birds, and you will be doing them the greatest kindness you can ever do.


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