Cover Amazon parrot for a few days?

by Charline

we just got him friday it seems he doesnt want to be bothered its a yellow head amazon parrot should i give him more time the pet store told me too cover him up for a few days......

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Jun 21, 2011
Cover Amazon parrot for a few days?
by: Linda

Most all pet store birds are sick with some kind of infection from being put together with birds from all over. Your first item of importance is to have your bird examined by an Avian Vet to see if all is well physically. Absolutely no training or handling to any extent can happen until you know if your bird is incubating an infection or not. The pet store employee who told you to keep bird covered is probably wanting you to NOT see that bird is already sick and was sold that way. Always consult with a trained Avian Vet when you have any questions about health or behavior because pet store employees are paid minimum wage for a minimum wage job and do not know much about the birds beyond throwing them a few seeds and some water. They are definately not Avian Vets, so do not bother to ask them questions about your bird's health and well-being because they will mislead you.

Please make an appointment as it is good to get them into an Avian Vet within the first few days or week they are in our homes. Sick birds will not learn or enjoy you as they just don't feel well.

Otherwise, do as Tracie said as for giving your bird the space he needs to adjust to his new surroundings. A parrot's trust is earned and not freely given, so keep this in mind at all times. Until your bird completely trusts you and other members of the family, you may or may not make any progress.


Jun 20, 2011
New Amazon help
by: Tracie

No, I would NOT cover the bird cage at all. Pet store employees sometimes have very bad advice.

Your bird needs time to adjust to you and it's new home. This is probably the first time it has been alone without other birds. Think about being kidnapped and put somewhere without any human beings around.

Sit next to the cage often, read a book, eat etc. Let the bird get used to you and move slowly, as far as trying to get the bird to like you or want to be with you. Study it's body language so you can back off when it gives a warning that it doesn't want to be touched or messed with.

Amazons can be VERY aggressive, you really must learn all you can about them and do NOT let the bird on your shoulder. Stick training is a must, according to most Amazon trainers.

Please read the training material on our Parrot Training page and also consider purchasing some training material either here or somewhere else. Books on caring for birds

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