Covering birds?

by Beth

I am currently trying to reach an ammicable solution over 2 African Greys that are kept in the garden. Neighbours have issues with noise, especially at dawn and dusk, dawn currently being 4:30-5 am. Would covering affect the birds? Could any heat issues be caused? Are there any other solutions you could recommend?

Thank you for any advice.

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Aug 14, 2010
Neighbors and Outdoor Birds
by: Kim

I hear where you are coming from on the neighbor thing. I have 2 macaws in a huge aviary i my back yard. Little did I know when we built it that about 6 months later, people would move in behind our property, and the gentleman works nights. Needless to say, they were NOT happy with the dawn "Good morning" from the macaws!! LOL

We have had teh sheriff at our house 3 times in the last 2 years. There is actually nothing they can do here (I am in Florida), but your area may be different. Look into your local noise ordinances to see if birds are covered. Here thay are not, so they kind of lump us under the "loud music" ordinance.

Anyhow, it took a while (about 4 months), but what we diud was that one of us would go out just before dawn, make sure they had fresh food and water, and sit there with hose in hand (set on mist spray) and waited for them to awaken. As soon as they started their morning calls, they got misted. In the beginning this was every few minutes.... this gradually lengthened to the point where we no longer had to mist them.

Just being out there kept them quiet for a little while. And now, about 6 months later, we have them "trained" so that as long as they wake up to food and water, they are fairly quiet until about 9 am. They make a little noise then (about 5-10 minutes) and then they don't call again until they want lunch between 12-1 pm.

So.... trainin was the key here. I am not sure it will work for you, but it is worth a try. And make sure you tell your neighbors what you are doing so they know you are not ignoring the problem, and so they understand that training takes time and patience - from everyone.

Aug 11, 2010
Covering birds?
by: Linda

Beth, thanks for writing, and I highly recommend you bring your birds into your home each night. Night is when the predators are hunting, not to mention blood sucking insects, and your birds are vulnerable to attack plus bites from infected insects.

So, I do not recommend covering the birds, as bringing them into the house to make sure they are safe is the best idea. If they are in a very large cage outside, get one they will feel comfortable in to have in the house. I know you don't leave them outside during the winter, so you must have an inside cage.

It is nice for the birds to be outside when the weather is nice--not too hot and not too cold, but any kind of extreme temperatures are to be avoided with the parrots.

Again, thanks for writing,

PS I don't know how it is in the UK, but over here in the states, neighbors sometimes try and hurt birds and animals they don't like who make noise, so, again, please start bringing them in at night, and you can put a light cover over them in the house. Make sure cover is very light weight and light colored as prints and bright colors frighten parrots.

Aug 11, 2010
Covering birds
by: Anonymous

Your parrots should be in a place where there is enough shade for them, they can not be kept in direct sunlight all day. You should be covering the cage in the evenings.

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