Cracks on coure's beak

by Amanda

My little green cheek conure, Robin has some "cracks" on his beak. I say "cracks" because I'm not sure if they are actually cracks or not. I called the breeder and he told me it was natural but I'm not so sure. I feel along his beak and i don't feel the cracks at all, I think his beak may be dry.

He eats and drinks fine and he doesn't complain/act differently. He actually enjoys it when I feel his beak! Maybe he isn't getting the right food? I feed him seeds and fruits and sometimes some vegetables, he also have cuttlefish. I know I may sound really obsessed but I care about him so much I just want to know why he has these cracks and what I can do.

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Nov 19, 2012
Cracks on conure's beak
by: Anonymous

From what you're saying, it doesn't sound like the beak is cracked. If you can't feel anything, it's just that the beak might be peeling. Bird beaks are much like our fingernails and do tend to flake and peel. What probably makes it do that is the cuttlebone you have in the cage. I would suggest removing the cuttlebone and getting some bird safe wooden toys or rope toys (make sure the rope is cotton, not nylon). If the beak grows too long it makes it hard for the bird to eat properly so you would have to take it to an avian vet for a beak trim but normal play and eating usually keeps the beak trim on it's own.

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