cranky meyers' parrot

by Stacey

I got Mya the meyers parrot about 5 weeks ago.We have a budgie for almost 2 years but I wanted something I could interact with more.She's a year old.I understand she needs time to adjust. She can seem to want attention by getting a neck scratch but then she'll whip around and bite.Then she'll lower her head again to be scratched.She hollars when I leave the room ,so I think she likes me alittle.I wish I could figure out the biting.Am I doing something wrong?When she does try biting I tell her no.Then try to scratch her head again and usually get the same biting reaction again even though she has her head lowered.HELP !!!

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Dec 06, 2010
Meyer's parrot that bites
by: JungleOwner

I'm sorry to be responding so late in the thread, but for anyone new that pulls this up, I have a different suggestion. I've noticed with both my African Grey and my Meyers that, often if they are molting and I'm rubbing their heads, I have to be careful with the way I rub their heads otherwise it's like poking them in the head with their own quill, which feels very much like a needle.

If I'm careful with this, I get to rub both their heads for a long time.

Hope this helps in some way.

Jun 13, 2009
Cranky Baby
by: Linda

Is it possible that your bird has a lesion or lump or something on his neck where you are scratching?

I don't run to the vet everytime mine do something odd, and in this particular case, if your bird has not been to an Avian Vet since you got him, it would be an excellent idea to take bird on in for a good checkup. Possibly, he does not feel as good as he could and is irritated with you because he feels bad, not because he does not like you. After having bird in your home for 5 weeks, he should have had time to settle in. Do take him into an Avian vet in your area to check for infections, parasites, lesions or sores on his skin.

The other thing I am thinking of as I write is the atmosphere in your home. Is your home a busy place with people constantly coming and going? Do you have children younger than 9-10 years old? Birds who have not been around children are nervous around the smaller ones because they move so fast. Do you have bird's cage in a place where he can get enough rest? A bird set up in the middle of an active room in the home where they are up late will cause birds to be irritable. Birds need 12 hours asleep and 12 hours awake. These are approximate in that if bird stays up a little later every once in a while, it won't hurt. Or if he has to get up a little early every so often because you all have something to do or someplace to go and you need to feed him. He also needs plenty time outside of his cage whether with you, on an outside perch or play area. Food is another issue. If he is eating a seed only diet, he is not getting the nutrition he needs to be happy. Organic pellets are excellent for birds though it does take some time to change them over from a seed diet to the pellets. Traci carries Harrisons out here, and I've been using their products for many years with wonderful results. Less trips to the vet with illnesses pays for the higher cost of the pellets over an all seed diet. Their birdy bread mixes are also loved by my Amazons.

So, make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area, have them check for infection, parasites and/or lesions on his skin. Once a year checkups like this are a must to keep birds in optimum health. Also, not meaning to be rude or disrespectful, the blowing in bird's face is a good way to transfer gram negative bacteria from our mouths to their lungs and body systems. Sounds like it is working for the other parrot Mom though. Before embarking on any training method, make sure bird has been checked out by vet and deemed healthy enough for training of any kind.

Let us know how everything goes as we all benefit from other people's experiences with their birds.


Jun 12, 2009
biting I niped that in the bud
by: Anonymous

I have a conure too and he was doing that same thing. Every time he tried to bite me I blew in his face it finally stopped. aftera little while, he saw that I hated being bitten, and when he would turn around to bite I would blow in his face pretty hard. Well he didnt like that, so I guess he figured it out. i hope it helps a little.

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