crazy bird

by April
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

Me and my husband, bought a macaw, she dosent like women and she free hangs from the top of her cage and we cant hold her. Can you maybe give me some ideas to try to fix this little problem?

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May 11, 2010
by: Lori

The parrot training page is FREE!

May 11, 2010
by: Kelley

How obnoxious an answer is that???? This sounds like a possibly serious and sad situation for both parrot and humans and you come back with such a flippant, greedy answer... "buy my stuff".

Editor's note: The parrot training articles are free, this blog software does not allow long answers and there are a few articles that are very helpful. Sorry it offended you. :-/

May 10, 2010
Bird that doesn't like women
by: Tracie

Congratulations on your new bird! Even though the bird doesn't like women, you can help the bird to tolerate them.

We have some helpful parrot training articles on our Parrot Training page. Please read through them and try some of the different methods.

Hang in there, some birds take an incredible amount of time and patience to train.

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