Crazy Glue.... Once Dried is it Toxic for Cockatiel?

I have a cockatiel. The plastic cage tray bottom just broke. Can I repair the cracked plastic with crazy glue, let the glue cure for 12 hours and then put back in cage? I line the tray with a couple of sheets of paper towel.

If dried crazy glue is dangerous for the bird, what else can I use to repair the cage? The cage is from Germany and I cannot find the company on line.

Please inform... thanks.

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Oct 12, 2009
Using Crazy Glue on bird items
by: The Vet

Most glues are safe after they dry.

Dr B

Oct 08, 2009
Crazy Glue
by: Linda

Here's what you can do:

Get some two-part epoxy, and you can find it in any hardware or home supply store, maybe even WalMart. Take the bottom outside or in the garage or other storage shed or building. Mix the two parts according to instructions and apply it to one or both sides of the break. If you have any clamps that will hold pieces together without breaking the plastic use them. Clothespins will work if break is fairly small. Once it is completely dry and gassed out (which is why you are keeping it outside for 3 or even 5 days. In the meantime, just put cage on some newspapers so droppings can fall on them and not your table or floor. Two-Part epoxy can be used on your cage if birds peel some paint off. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE DIRECTIONS AND DO THIS OUTSIDE AND ALLOW IT TO DRY, SET AND GAS OUT BEFORE GETTING IT NEAR YOUR BIRDS AGAIN.

We have used it, on advice of our vet, on Manzanita branches for perches to fill the big cracks that sometimes are in the Manzanita. Once dried and set up and gassed out, it is waterproof and safe for the birds.

AS PREVIOUSLY STATED, NEVER USE ANY KIND OF GLUE INSIDE THE HOUSE NO MATTER WHAT IT IS FOR. EVEN GLUE FOR JEWELRY RELEASES POISONOUS VAPORS AS DOES FINGERNAIL POLISH AND REMOVER. PERFUME IS ALSO TOXIC TO BIRDS, SO ANY GROOMING USING THOSE PRODUCTS NEEDS TO BE DONE IN ANOTHER BUILDING AWAY FROM HOUSE OR JUST NOT DO IT. Hairspray and other under pressure canned stuff is also toxic for birds. Even PAM spray has to be done outside. Room deoderizers will kill your birds. Chemicals of all sorts will either hurt or kill your birds, so always keep this in mind in your home. Burning scented candles is the same toxic problem. Birds' lungs are just too small to process these chemicals, and will die from the inhalation of the fumes.

You must leave it outside or away from inside of your home for 3-5(We use the 5-7 days time) days. Make sure wherever it is that it's dry and warm. Just don't ever use ANY glue products inside house or your birds will be poisoned soon as it circulates in the inside air.

Hope this helps!

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