crazy lovebirds??!!!??!

by karen hernandez
(u.s.a fort myers fl)

i have three lovebirds (i think one of them are a female and two males) and all of them seem to be almost flying? in thier cage but they just flap their wings really fast and fly like a inch high from were there standing? i wanna know if this is a sign of aggresion or sickness ps;i do take them out of there cage every day!also one of my lovebids keeps walking back and forth at the bottem of the cage?

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Aug 16, 2011
crazy lovebirds??!!!??!
by: Linda

Flying in place is a normal way for birds to exercise their wings.

If you have two male lovebirds in same cage with a female, there will be fighting possibly to the death. Lovebirds are very aggressive birds and will sometimes kill each other for no particular reason. Get each bird into its own cage or leave one of the males with the female, just get them out of the same cage together to avoid injury or death to one or more of them.

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