Crazy Parrotlet

by Janie
(Citrus Heights,CA USA)

How do I trane my 2 year old parrotlet?
She or he is very aggresive and will attack even when we are feeding her. I let her out of the cage daily but then she dive bombs everybody. If we let her get on our heads,she will climb down and attack our ears.

We are getting ready to move to another state and don't know if it would make Nappy more crazy.

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Jun 18, 2008
aggressive parrotlet
by: Tracie

Hello Janie,

Parrotlets think they are bigger than you and need an owner with a stronger will than them. LOL

If I were you, I would take the bird to get a wing trim to take away some of it's "power." This will keep it from dive bombing everyone for sure!

Our Conures will attack us if we put our hands in their cage because they are cage territorial. When we let them climb out to the play top, we can change out toys and food without any problems.

We do have some training articles under Parrot Training if you click the navigation button near the top left.

I don't think moving to another state will make a difference. Parrotlets seem to adapt pretty well to changing environments.

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