crop fills with water

by deby
(indian rocks beach florida)

I have an african grey 11 weeks old. He loves bathes but more than the bath he loves drinking the water. After every bath his crop is fully extended. Sometimes I think too much. Then his poop is very watery for about two hours. Is this bad for him?

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Aug 22, 2011
Bird drinking bath water
by: The Avian Vet

If this is done too often, like daily, then yes it could cause minor problems. At 11 weeks of age greys are generally not weaned. He may be filling his crop because he is hungry especially if he is not weaned. Bathing is great, but try to avoid allowing him to drink so much water. Excessive water drinking can be an indication of a health problem, but can also cause something called medullary wash out in the kidneys and result in sever kidney disease. For this to happen your bird will need to do this every day for many days and maybe even multiple times daily. A concern but less of one is that he is replacing nutrition with water when he fills with water, he is likely not to eat for some time afterwards.

Dr B

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