Crop Infection question

by Richard Coenen
(tucson, Az)

I bought an African Grey that was born on March 24, 2008 and I am handfeeding him. I have read alot on how to do it and have been very sterile with the rubber surringe i have been using. I have heard how easy it is for them to get crop infections. Should i be really worried about it or do people just make it sound more common then it is.

I only got him like two days ago but my parents want to see him would i be able to take him to their house or will this bother him. I have him perching on my hands and shoulder, when do i know that he is ready for a cage? When should i begin weening him to pellets, seed, and fruits?


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Jun 18, 2008
unweaned bird question
by: Tracie

Hello Richard,

It would be best to call the breeder and get his/her opinion. I am not a breeder, maybe a breeder will read your question and also be able to help you.

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