crop not emptying

by Brad

I have a 32yr old orange winged amazon, Last year about this time I noticed vomit in his cage and his crop enlarged. Took him to avian vet did tests which came back negative. Was put on medication for a week or so and his crop was flushed. Sent home with no solution.

After a couple of weeks at home stopped vomiting and returned to normal. This year mid February started vomiting again and crop enlarged. Still screeching and lively but vomits every morning. I have appt at U of Guelph April 6,

Have you heard of any condition like this & what should I feed him. He is fed parrot pellets but most is being thrown up. I want to prevent any serious weight loss.

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Mar 25, 2009
Crop not emptying
by: The Vet

The most likely differentials are behavioral regurgitation related to seasonality and sexual maturity, crop infection (bacteria or yeast), GI foreign body, PDD (Proventricular Dilatation Disease), heavy metal toxicity, internal neoplasia, or possibly diet related. Given that it only occurs this time of years leans more to seasonality disorders.

I would recommend having some x-rays taken and do a barium contrast of the GI tract. Possibly endoscope the crop and other GI locations to see what is in there could help diagnose the issue. I recommend feeding Harrison's pellets, which should be 80% of the diet, while the remainder can be any healthy treat.

Dr B

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