crying bird

by theresa

We just got a 3 week old umbrella cockatoo an its like non stop this normal behavior for one of this age..

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Dec 07, 2011
hungry or sick baby
by: Anonymous

I agree the bird is probably still hungry or sick? At this age he/she will eat about 4x a day about 50/60 c/c a feeding or so. Make sure the temp is wrist warm and that it is not too thin which will not fill him or her up. read all directions on the back of label for baby bird food...good luck and keep us posted...PS make sure you keep baby waRM ENOUGH AND YOU CAN PLACE A SMALL STUFFED ANIMAL NEAR HIM TO CUDDLE UP TO =)

Dec 04, 2011
Bird crying all the time
by: Tracie

Linda, a lady who answers questions that has been a breeder for years, will likely answer this better than me, but I can tell you continuous crying is NOT normal.

Your bird is either hungry or sick. Please read our To Wean or Not To Wean article that was written by an avian vet. You may just decide to take this bird back to the breeder to finish hand feeding.

If your breeder does not take their birds to an avian vet for well checkups, then I suggest you find a breeder that for sure has healthy birds and doesn't sell bird that are not weaned.

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