Cuddles My Baby Sun/Jenday Conure

by Amy
(Phoenix, NY)

"Sunday" Conure Parrot

In September of 2009 My baby Cuddles who was 2years old suffered a seizure..I did not witness it as it was the stages after the seizure. He was at the bottom of his cage curled up with his little legs squeezed tight. I immediately took him to my vet.

They explained all the common and uncommon reasons that he may have suffered one. Since it was the 1st one I had ever seen and I've hand raised him since he was 2wks old they told me to take him home and if he suffered more then we could discuss further treatment options. He was doing great until yesterday March 16, 2010..I awoke to a quite room with no movement and no one asking me "What are you doing", (those were his first words and this is what Cuddles says whenever anyone walks into the room)...I noticed the after symptoms of a possible seizure...Ruffled feather, Disorientated, wobbly, quite, spacie eyes...I was concerned so I made another vet appointment for the afternoon.

When I returned home from work he was still quite and still kinda out of it. I took him out of his cage and he was perching..then right before I was going to get his mobile home carrier he had a seizure in my was the scariest and saddest 5 seconds of my life. I rushed him to the vet where the vets examined him and he was looking a little better...After the 45 minute chat with the vet on possible tests and treatment he suffered another seizure in front of the vet...I was crying and scared the whole time I will never be able to get that image out of my head. The vet decided it would be best to keep him over night.. I spoke with them about 15minutes ago and he is in an incubator he seems to be eating but they would like to watch him a little longer...I am hoping that he will be ok and that I see him soon...

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Mar 20, 2010
Cuddles My Baby Sun/Jenday Conure
by: Linda

You poor little thing! My heart is breaking along with you right now, and only time will tell how this turns out. This sounds like it could be caused by either something congenital or from a toxin in his environment.

As for toxins, where did you buy his cage and did you ask for a lead and zinc content report on the powder coat paint used to paint his cage(one done in the US not China)? Both lead and zinc will cause exactly this kind of effect, though I'd have thought it would have done it before now. The actuality about lead and zinc poisoning is that little bits of it build up in the system over a period of time until one day, kind of out of the blue, bird starts having seizures that won't stop.

I hate to broach this, but if your little bird dies, have the vet do a necropsy on him as soon as they can get to it. Have them look for signs of poisoning of some sort with lead and/or zinc/cadmium being at the top of the list.

I will keep you and your little one in prayers, and let us know what happens here. Cages being made in China are, for the most part, way below hazardous levels of lead and zinc, but now, it has come to light that they are mixing cadmium in with the zinc to save money and time. Cadmium is a carcinogen of the highest order, and exposure to just a little of it on a regular basis is a death sentence for humans or birds. Zinc is used in chain and other hardware in toys and perch hardware as well. Because of the cheap prices China offers, lots of people buy from them. Use only stainless steel or nickel plated hardware for your birds toys and perch hardware. This means making toys yourself, and it is easier than you may think. Write back in later here, or Tracie has my permission to give you my email address, where we can chat about toy making.

Right now, hang in there and let us know how this goes. Many Blessings to you and your baby bird.


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