Curling feathers - Cockatiel picture

by Felicity Moore
(Maryborough, Qld, Australia)

Hi, we have a young female cocktail (less than 1 year old). A friend of noticed today that her wing feathers are starting to curl. This is the same thing that happened to her bird who is our birds brother. She had contacted the breeder who said it is a calcium deficiency.

Our bird is in a large aviary type cage with 3 other birds. They have seed, pellet, soaked grain and legumes, fruit and veg daily. They also have a calcium bell in there that I see them eating daily. None of the other birds' feathers are curling. There are no other changes in her -still active and alert, eating well, poops normal, no vomiting or running nose.

I have attached a photo, I hope it is clear enough to see. They are the white feathers under the grey ones on her wings. May friends cockatiels' feathers are more pronounced. Thanks in advance, Felicity

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Sep 12, 2013
Cockatiel with feathers curling
by: Tracie

Here is the Switching Birds To Pellets article and also our Find an Avian Vet link.

Sep 11, 2013
curling feathers
by: Alex

The best course of action is to take the bird to an avian vet to be checked over.

Once the cockateil has been given a clean bill of health, it would be best to convert your bird to Harrsion's pellets. 80% pellets diet 20% treats and other food.

Harrison's is an excellent brand (and organic)and contains all the nutrients in a balanced form including enough calcium.

All of mu budgies have loved Harrisons. Just check the size guide to make sure you purchase the right size pellets. You may need to go online if you can't find them in stores.

I have to go online in UK.

Do not buy Zupreem or coloured pellets as they are full of sugar and artificial preservatives.

Tracie or Linda should be able to give you the link for the conversion advice article.

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