cyst on cockatiel

by Karen
(Milwaukee Wi)

Hi, I have a approx. 9 yr old (male we think). About 2-3 months ago we noticed he was walking with a limp. Shortly after we noticed a lump growing on his lt leg/breast area. Upon further examination by me I realized it was fluid filled.

I will be honest I didnt want to spend the money to find and take him to an avian vet. So since I have extensive experience in my job as a interventional procedure tech in a hospital I set about draining the cyst myself. The first time I got out 20 cc's clear yellow fluid. I have since drained it approximately 6 times. Sometimes it is yellowish, sometimes brown/reddish.Today I got almost 35 ccs out. He is so much happier when I drain it and is so good while I do it. I don't know if this is coming from an ingrown feather or something more. What are your thoughts?

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Dec 13, 2010
Draining cyst on bird
by: The Avian Vet

How much does your bird weigh? Is the cyst subcutaneous or intra-abdominal...? As a medical professional, I am sure that you know the only way to diagnose this is to submit the fluid for analysis. I cannot tell you what is causing this without an exam and lab work. This does not sound like an ingrown feather. It could be cancerous or infections. You must get this diagnosed because of the potential for it to be life threatening and even possible contagious to humans. Your bird should have supportive care when this amount of fluid is removed from their body. That fluid is coming from someplace and if it is not replaced there could be dire consequences. Dramatic fluid shifts can cause dehydration, cardiac arrest, severe illness and even death. You should find an avian veterinarian immediately.

Dr B

Dec 10, 2010
cyst on cockatiel
by: Linda

This is an abscess and not a cyst which stays hard. Your bird has an infection, and he will not get well until you take him into an Avian Vet and have the fluid looked at under a microscope to see what type of bacteria it is and he is prescribed the correct antibiotic. What you are doing is good as far as it goes, and believe me, your bird will not get well just by doing this as the Abscess indictes an infection in the area from what I don't know.Once he has been properly diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet, the fluid will stop building in the sac, and he can start to get well.

We always recommend that people take sick birds to an Avian Vet because if an infection is present, they do not just get over it. An Abcess is an infection and without antibiotics, your bird will eventualy sicken and die from this.

DO NOT GIVE ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDS EITHER as you do not know what kind of bacteria this is, and any over the counter medications can kill your bird as surely as the prolonged infection.

Thanks for writing and for trying to help your bird. Go the extra distance now to get him well and happy again because as his infection worsens, he will go down hill very quickly.


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