Cyst on parrot's foot

by blanca fletes
(torrance ca)

can cysts get infected after draining?

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Dec 06, 2012
Cyst on parrot's foot
by: Linda

Yes, any kind of wound can become infected. You did not state who did the draining. If it was not done by an Avian Vet, then, your bird was open to infection from the start. Never do any kind of surgical procedure on your bird because you do not know what has caused the cyst, what kind of cells the cyst contains and what to do about it. Antibiotics would have been an avian vet's followup to drainage to make sure infection did not happen.

So, you will need to take your bird to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet only. Do not take bird to dog and cat vet because they are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and usually come up with incorrect diagnosis and treatment plan.

Please have an avian vet treat this as soon as is possible. Infection can result in loss of limbs and death if not treated correctly by an avian vet.

Let us know what avian vet has to say about this as your information can help someone else.


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