Dangerous Bird Toys

by Sheila

This isn't a question just something every bird owner should know and be aware of.....Please warn your fans with feathered friends about the safety of their bird toys. Last night a very good friend lost her feathered baby because she got tangled up in ONE SMALL STRAND of thread from a toy with cotton rope knots. Sookie had this toy forever and it was her favorite, but for some strange reason last night, she unraveled one strand of thread from the knot and managed to hang herself with it.

As soon as I found out, I removed all of the toys from my bird's cage that were made with cotton rope. Please let everyone know that this is a possibility with these toys and they should not allow their feathered babies to play with them. This was a HORRIBLE tragedy that could have been avoided if my friend had only known how dangerous these cotton rope toys can be.

R.I.P- Sunshine Sookie

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Aug 29, 2011
Dangerous Bird Toys
by: Linda

I make parrot toys using only cotton rope. The reason for this is that the nylon rope is even more dangerous for bird than the cotton. Nylon rope does not have the flexibility of cotton and will cut off a toe or wrap around a foot and cut off circulation so foot is dead. Though the nylon comes in different colors, it can and does cause severe injury and death to a large number of birds every year. It is also dangerous for dogs as well.

What I do with my cotton rope is make thick knots by knotting a few rounds and then slipping a wooden chew toy piece onto rope and then making another fat knot directly underneath toy piece and so on until I'm at the end of the rope. Toys are hung using chain, and links have to be large enough for bird's toes to easily go in and out, but not large enough for heads to go through.

I also use only stainless or nickel plated metal pieces including chain because the other materials are made from zinc, and the stuff coming from China can have poison mixed in with the zinc plus zinc is as toxic as lead for a bird.

So, though this was a terrible tragedy, it was not the fault of cotton rope. If too many loose strands are left on the toys, birds have a bigger chance of becoming tangled in them. The hanging itself took a lot of doing and not sure how that could have happened.

If you don't make your own toys, make sure loose strands of rope are trimmed down to where toes, feet and or heads cannot become entangled with them. Use only cotton rope in your bird's toys because there have been far more deaths involved with nylon rope than cotton. Sometimes, toys become so scruffy as they are used and age, that they become unsafe. We are responsible for changing them out way before then. Bird's will always find another "favorite" toy especially if new one looks similar to old one.

We do appreciate your comments, and anything can become dangerous to a parrot, so caution with any kind of toy is advised, but cotton is safer than nylon if used properly in parrot toys.

Thanks for wriiting,

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