Deaf Lutino Cockatiel

by Kathryn



We have had our new baby lutino Cockatiel for four days.

he was still asleep when i went into the lounge room this morning so i said hello to him and he didn't move, after making a few other noises to try and get his attention, i got one of his toys and rattled it right beside him and i still got no response, i then touched him with his toy which woke him up.

Could it be that he is deaf?? I know that it is quite common for white cats and dogs to be deaf, so i guess it could be possible???

Has anyone had a deaf bird before? if so, did they still live a long and happy life??

I'm not too worried if he is deaf, he is still my little boy......just means he wont talk!!

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Oct 07, 2010
Deaf lutino
by: Anonymous

you should definately find out if he is deaf. if he is he might not hear things that could be dangerous to him. also, can i ask what happened to his crest?

May 06, 2010
deaf bird
by: Kari Hill

WOW. my birds cockatiels can hear it i alway want have deaf pets like cat or dog or bird too but all 3 dogs/2cats/10 birds all can hear the way im deaf

Jan 10, 2010
Deaf Bird
by: Louise

We had a deaf african grey - we discovered this one day when he was snoozing and somebody dropped a large box near his cage and he did not even flinch - he made natural grey sounds but never learnt to mimic and was a terrible feather plucker probably cos the world was a quiet boring place

May 11, 2009
Your Baby
by: Linda

The only way to know for sure is to take him to vet and have him checked out. It would be a good thing to do as there may be something else causing this like an infection in his ears or something. I think a trip to vet to rule out infections would be exactly what I'd do if this precious little birdy was mine. Hope this helps.

PS let us know what the vet says as deaf birds is not a common problem at least that I've seen.

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