Dear person in India that keeps posting vet information

by Tracie

I have banned you from posting, because I do not have hours every day to remove all your posts. Yes, I am very happy there is a vet in India, but the link to your vet is already posted on our Find an Avian Vet page and you even post all the information for the vet in India for people that live in the US. Nobody in the US is going to call India for answers.

I appreciate you want to help, but it takes me about 15 minutes per post, so if you post 15 answers - all with only the vet information over and over again, that means I spend almost 4 hours trying to open your answers to either keep them or delete them. (My Internet is VERY slow)

If you ever want us to know about a different avian vet, please use the "suggest an avian vet" form on this site and I will add that avian vet to the list.

Sincerely, Tracie