Death of a Friend

by Kylee Payne
(New Tazewell TN)

I had three cockatiels and two of them were very close. Recently, one of the two close ones passed away. And the other one is calling and is louder than usual. Is it wise to buy another one or is there something that I can do to help him feel any better?

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Oct 09, 2009
Death of a Friend
by: Linda

You should get another cockatiel for the mate that is alone. Sometimes the one left in a mated pair will stop eating, and you will have real problems then.

FIRST, PLEASE TAKE YOUR OTHER BIRDS TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA TO BE CHECKED OUT FOR BACTERIAL OR VIRAL INFECTIONS. Your other bird died from something, and if that something was either a bacterial or viral infection, your other birds most likely have it, and any new stock will become infected. It depends on WHY your bird died.

If you do not know why it died, assume it was a contageous infection and get your birds into an Avian Vet ASAP or you may be facing more death.

Once birds are checked out, treated if necessary, and you have cleaned up cages, perches and toys, you will be ready for another bird. Clean up bird's surroundings, cages, perches and toys before their meds are gone or they will be come re-infected. Sometimes infections are hard to get rid of, so help yourself by making sure infection is cleaned up and out. Leave cages in the sun to dry and make sure to only use ONE TEASPOON OF BLEACH PER GALLON OF WATER AND RINSE THOROUGHLY AND THEN RINSE AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE THE BLEACH COMPLETELY OFF EVERYTHING. YES, ONE TEASPOON OF BLEACH PER GALLON OF WATER KILLS EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. People use way too much bleach and pollute our environment when one teaspoon per gallon of water is all it takes to kill everything in sight including your birds. Do the cleaning outside in the fresh air.

Please take care of the others' health issues BEFORE bringing a new bird into your home.


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