Death of a Parakeet

by Sasha

I have had 2 parakeets for around 10 years. The first one died about a year ago. He was very quiet and did not move much and was puffed up. One night we found him at the bottom of the cage. He couldnt walk and could barely move his feet. I picked him up and held him and he was very weak. He died a couple hours later in my hands. At the very end, it was as if he stretched out completely and stopped moving. We never had an autopsy done on him.

Our second bird died a few hours ago. He was acting the same way, but after I held him, he started breathing heavily and i could hear strange sounds coming from him. also it seemed like he couldnt hear or see but im not positive. At the end, it seemed as if he had a seizure or something like that, and he suddenly went from not moving at all to thrashing his wings and feet and then stopped moving. It seemed like he died in pain.

We recently got another bird and I am wondering if i should get this bird autopsied in case the same thing happens to our other bird?
Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 02, 2012
sorry for your loss.......
by: Anonymous

sorry for your loss.....
I have 4 budgies myself and the last two days my male was acting the exact same way you are talking about, he was quiet and just sat with us for 2 days ignoring the other 3 birds, then tonight he acted as if he either had a stroke or seizure, couldn't fly or walk within moments and then as I held him for about an hour he twitched twice and tried to fly (limply) and so I wrapped him up and help him and he dies a few minutes or so later, I now fear my others will die if it's a disease.

Dec 26, 2011
Parakeet death
by: Tracie

Yes, I would get a necropsy done. This is what Dr B suggests. You need to rule out disease and also the avian vet will talk to you about potential toxic items in your home that may kill birds.

You can look on our Find an Avian Vet page to find an avian vet if you don't already have one.

The best thing to do in the future, is to completely sterilize the cage and anything the other birds have been around. Then only purchase birds from reputable breeders that take their birds to avian vets. Ask the breeder what avian vet they use, and then call that vet office and see if they actually bring in their birds for checkups and for treatments when their birds are ill.

Most birds purchased in "big name" pet stores are already ill from poor breeding practices. Some are diseased and you can get sick too.

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