death of birds

by victoria

I had a green cheek conure & a blue neck ring parakeet, the conure died 2 days ago and now my parakeet died as well. both just screeched and dropped dead. what could it be? is there such a thing as a virus that can stay in the cage and thats whats killing my birds?

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Dec 20, 2011
some causes
by: Anonymous

Did they get into avacado or something? I read somewhere cooking with non stick pans can be really bad for birds as the fumes that come off the pan are toxic to them?

Dec 17, 2011
Maybe ..?
by: Miss amy

May I ask were they close to a window or vent? Also near a candle? I'm sorry for ur loss.

Dec 17, 2011
by: victoria

we did not use the same cage, i started thinking it might have been monoxide poisoning but i got the gas co. out here to run some tests and everything is on the up & up. as for a doc im currently going trough a rough patch having just become a single mother so i can't afford to go get them looked at. what i can say is i will not be having anymore birds until i can afford to make emergency runs to an Avian vet. when i had wrote "stays in the cage" i didnt actually mean i was using the same cage, but they were placed around the same area.. i completely changed everything from perch sticks to food trays...

Dec 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

im so sorry for your loss. please toss the cage if you should get another.

Dec 15, 2011
death of birds
by: Anne

Obviously once your Conure died you should of removed the Ringneck & Taken him straight to your Avian vet as a matter of urgency explaing what had happened. Before using the cage again it should of been thoroughly steamed cleaned, disinfected & scrubbed.
I am very sorry for your loss though.

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