i have 3 peach faced love birds i purchased a Lutino love bird and put them in the same cage (first mistake) they fought some but the were together`for three days this morning i came into the room to find it dead. i am wondering if one of the peachfaced killed it or if it died naturally because even though the bird's body was stiff the head was wobbly. thanks

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Jun 07, 2009
death of a bird
by: Ann

thanks very much for your answers and i really appreciate you for being truthful and i needed the truth for future references. i was told not to put them together for at least a week. i really feel bad because maybe i caused the time i will be more careful and heed your good advice. thanks very much

Jun 03, 2009
Dead Bird
by: Linda

Allow a little instruction here. For one thing, never, ever put a strange bird in with any other birds as death most likely will be the result. Yes, the others killed this one. Lovebirds can kill each other without provocation, so keep that in mind for your other birds.

The proper way to introduce new birds is to cage a new one separately and let the others get used to it. If you were trying to put multiple birds in a small cage, you are asking for more trouble. Birds need a large cage, even lovebirds, as they need room to move around as they wish without bumping up against another bird. All birds need room to fly to keep in good physical shape. Always put any birds into the very largest cage you can possibly afford to buy or have made. Contrary to some people's "take" on it, little birds need large cages too as they need to fly which is good for them physically, and the feeling of being able to have enough space to fly in is also good for them emotionally. When we have birds, we are working with the whole bird not just one or two parts. We are dealing with the physical, mental and emotional being, and everything has to be set up with the whole bird in mind.

I think the main thing here is incorrect introductions plus a too small cage for all your birds. If you get another one, please have two cages, one for it and the other one for your already established birds. This can also happen with lovebirds if their cage is too small. I've seen them kill each other because they were caged in too small a cage, so if your cage is small, I suggest you get a larger one as soon as you can to put your others into. Save the smaller one for a new bird, and don't get two new birds at the same time and expect them to get along. ANY fighting is a sign of bad things to come. Birds can be very harsh with other birds as they are wild animals. It does not matter if they were handfed and appear to be such sweet little things.The fact is that these birds are NOT domesticated and react to incorrect caging and handling as any wild bird would. They establish "pecking orders" as they do in the wild, and a newcomer is sometimes viewed as a trespasser and will be either run off or killed. In this case, the new bird had no place to go and so was killed.

I'm very sorry you had to lose a bird to learn this important lesson. Let this one be the last one as we all have to learn from our mistakes sometimes, I know I certainly have had to in the past so am not judging you, just helping you to do better next time.


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