Deceased yellow head Amazon parrot

by Karyn
(Des Plaines, Illinois)

Should I show my deceased 28 year old bird to the alive bird? They haven't been in the same cage for 27 years, but in the same room.

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Dec 04, 2012
By all means
by: Anonymous

I showed our yellow-naped amazon of 15 years my half-moon conure we had had for 19 years. He did look at his body. I at least feel he knows he didn't vanish, that he died. It has been 18 weeks now and he still has not said his name. I think he knows he is gone for good.
Sorry for your loss. It hurts. I am still hurting.
Hope you heal quicker.

Dec 04, 2012
Deceased yellow head Amazon parrot
by: Linda

Very sorry for your loss and NO do not show a corpse to the other bird. Your other bird already knows his companion is gone, so watch him carefully during the next few weeks. Grieving is serious business with parrots and they sometimes stop eating if they were attached to the other bird.

I suggest you may want to get another bird when you can so your live bird will begin to adjust to the loss of his companion. Make sure the new bird is taken to an Avian Vet ONLY BEFORE coming home to be checked for infections both viral and bacterial. Board him at the vet's if any infection is found so they can treat him. Do not take him back to pet store or breeder to board or he will get another infection. The reason for this is you do not want to bring anything home to the bird you have now. Your bird's immune system will be compromised as he goes through the grieving process, and the process is just as complicated as humans without the guilt trip people usually have to work through.

So keep a close eye on your bird and make sure they get extra attention. Without words, handling and cuddling will go a long way in helping him through this. Give him a few treats he really likes and remember that "touch" is a very important part of helping a bird or other pet through his grieving which will take however long it takes. Another bird will be needed, and it does not have to be same species as other one since they are in separate cages.

Also, since you do not know what killed your Amazon, make sure you take his cage outside and clean it up. Throw away any toys and start over for the new bird. You can clean up perches, and make sure you use a bird safe cleaner on everything. There is a bird safe cleaner here that can be purchased already mixed and ready to use or concentrated for you to mix with water. It is called Focus, and it kills everything bad. Do not use it directly around birds so as to not get it into their eyes or mouths. Do not use bleach on cage or perches or dishes as bleach is very harmful to metal and wood plus it is not environmentally safe.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. We are also grieving the loss of one of our older dogs who died last week. It's not easy, and still we have to be strong for our other pets. Thanks for writing,


Dec 04, 2012
Deceased Yellow Head Amazon Parrot
by: D. Singh

Hi there, I am very sorry to hear about your loss but your bird is now in the hands of the Lord. I think that it will be a good idea to show your deceased bird to the other one that is alive. The bird that is alive will know why the other bird is not there in the cage anylonger. All birds have the sense to know when their friends are sick or gone. MY suggestion is, show him or her to the other bird, at least to have a last view of his or her friend. I think it will be better than not seeing the other bird at all and wondering and greiving. Birds and all animals have feelings just as we do. Take care of your birds and God bless!

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