Deciding on adopting a parrotlet

by Leslee
(Grand Rapids,mi)

Hello, I have found a pacific blue parrotlet to adopt. There is 2 of them to adopt I just want one. One of the males has 2 crooked legs and the other has just 1 crooked leg. They are 5 months old. What would cause this? The 1 can perch the other one cannot. They are both starting to speak.

I can't find much info on these guys. This is not my first bird but would be my husbands first bird. It won't be his bird but i would like this to be a pleasurable experience for him. How dirty are these birds? Lots of dander? are they really messy with their food?

The lady said they are a little nippy which is fine with me as long as they eventually will be nice. I also have 2 dogs and what I have read they can be mean to other animals. I don't want to have to put my dogs away just to get the bird out.

Or would I be just better off getting a budgie?

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Mar 13, 2011
more info
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the input, but you read a little to much into what I wrote so I will clarify. I use to work for an avian vet as a vet tech actually. I don't have experience with Parrotlets however. And the info I found on them said they could be very mean to animals. I'm not going to get a bird that attacks my very trained and calm dogs. yes I know if a bird attacks most dogs would kill the bird. That's why I wanted info on how viscous this birds can be. I know the breeder is a bad breeder I just didn't know if it's from genes or nesting. The breeder is not "selling" it she wants it to have a good home. I have special needs pets and I love them even more for it. Money and vet care is NOT an issue. Thanks for assuming it was. I thought I could save this bird and give it a good life but thanks for the info and your opinion.
Dr. B thanks a lot for the info! I found a breeder that is hand feeding budgies and will be ready in a couple of weeks so I will go check this breeder out. From the sounds of it Parrotlets are the terrier of the bird world. (Terriers are my favorite) But I don't want them to be incompatible with my dogs.

Mar 12, 2011
Adopting a parrotlet with leg problems
by: The Avian Vet

It could be caused by poor nutrition, genetics, injury, improper nest box material or brooder bedding.

These birds are no more messy than any other bird. They are not particularly messy with their food; they have little dander because they are so small.

What kind of dogs? I suggest putting the dogs out no matter what bird you get. You can never trust them. Parrotlets are bold and will challenge the dogs. Budgies are clever and will taunt them. :) Don?t count on them to be nice eventually. They may or may not develop into nice birds. Yes, parrotlets can be a little nippy, but the adults I see in my hospital are very pleasant birds.

Ultimately this is going to be your decision. Parrotlets are great. But budgies are one of my most favorite birds. If you decide on one of these birds, you should at least choose the one that can perch. If a bird cannot perch he may not have a good quality of life and he may become a high maintenance pet ? regular vet visits, dirty vent from sitting in poop, dermatitis, and other health problems.

Dr B

Mar 10, 2011
Deciding on adopting a parrotlet
by: Linda

Well, without meaning to be harsh, I will advise you to not get ANY birds now or in the future until you know what you are doing. First of all, this breeder is terrible to be selling crippled birds in the first place, so run, do not walk away from her and any birds she has. It is not normal for baby birds to be crippled unless they are not receiving the correct nutrition or medical services. If baby birds are sick, then they need to be seen by an Avian Vet and taken care of. Both of these birds will end up being euthanized either now or in their first home because they are crippled and will not be able to be normal in any way. These problems are the ones that are showing, and you have no idea what other kind of problems they may have inside.

As for the dogs, until your dogs are TRAINED to leave the tiny little birds alone, you will have to put them up to work with your bird. I really don't understand what you are talking about when you say the bird may be dangerous to the dogs. The parrotlets will fit into someone's pocket, so which one do you think will be murdered at the first opportunity--the dogs or the tiny little helpless bird?

Please do your homework on parrot behavior and how to work a parrot into your household before getting one. And yes they are very messy and sometimes very noisy. They are parrots, and will do all the things parrots do. If you want a bird that is clean and quiet, then get one of the ones with batteries who sit on a perch and repeat whatever you say back to you. That is the only kind of bird that does not carry lots of responsibility, need wholesome food, safe cages and perches and Avian Vet visits when sick or injured.

I recommend you forget about parrots as pets until you can sort out who a parrot is supposed to be in your home. They will do whatever they are big enough to do and will bite you until they draw blood on occasion. Make sure you are educated before bringing an exotic animal like a parrot into your home.

Forgive me if I have appeared to be harsh, but you needed to hear every word of it, and if my words save a parrot from being killed by you or your dogs, then I've done a great job here.


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