decorating for Christmas

by Cindy
(irvine, CA)

I want to use live greens for decorating on the mantle and garlands.
What greens are safe around a caique?

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Dec 04, 2009
decorating for Christmas
by: Linda

As Tracie suggested, please take a look at the safe/unsafe list. I do know that ALL fresh pine and fir branches are toxic because of the oils in the needles and branches. If your bird is going to be able to get to the mantle, you'd be better off using artificial plants.

Christmas decorations, in general, are very dangerous for birds, so I would limit your bird's access to the tree, mantles and any other place where you have decorations. Aluminum is poison for birds, and most of the garlands are made from it, so bird cannot touch that. The paint on other tree ornaments is most likely toxic if it was used on either metal or glass. The little metal hangers on ornaments can contain lead and/or zinc, both of which will kill your bird. Gift wrap is dangerous as are the ribbons and bows. Look at it this way--if it is made for Christmas, most likely, it is poison for your bird.

All scented candles, poupouris, and any kind of room deoderizers are toxic for birds, so make this Christmas a naturally-smelling one for your bird's sake. Poinsetta plants are particularly poisonous as they contain a milky liquid until they die down after their blooming time. Christmas Cactus contains a similar toxin. So, limit your bird's access to any and all Christmas decor.

To make it easier on you, keep your bird in his/her cage unless you are there for constant supervision. The Holidays, though a lot of fun and excitement for us, can be deadly for our pets including our parrots, so be careful.

Thanks for writing and we wish you and your family a wonderful, safe Holiday Season!
Linda and Family

Dec 03, 2009
Safe and unsafe items for birds
by: Tracie

You can look at the list we have on our Toxic non-toxic for birds list.

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