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Dec 17, 2011
Maybe just sensitive because of the case?
by: Miss amy

I didn't think Linda was being harsh. She was exactly correct. I to have a deformed legged ring neck. It doesn't act in pain. Climbs everywhere. I wouldn't breed him as I wouldn't want to take the risk as his siblings are also deformedin some way. His breeder will also no longer breed his parents. I've had him checked out. Nothing they can do. Hes a sweetheart and doesn't appear to be unhappy or in any pain. So i will not amputate

Dec 08, 2011
deformed leg
by: jaime

hi linda im not the owner of the parents the owner actually doesnt have the time to hand raise the baby parot so has been passed on to me the chick was born normal but some where between 2-4wks some thing has happened in the nest, as for the beak it closes but not quite, has a slight twist like ever so slight, i got the feeling from your reply u thought i was an aweful inhumane person for trying to help the chick out, i just asked for advise for the chicks well being you only had to say the avian vet should check it out a inform u were to go from there , i didnt need a nasty toned reply i was asking for a little help.
as it turns out the chick is healthy accordding to the avian vet i seen yesterday the leg is being looked after, an quite frankly u should watch how u speak on here to people who are genuinely wanting to help there bird friends, i wont be asking again due to the tone i received from u.

Editor's note: Anyone can answer questions here, including you. Linda is just a nice lady that takes her personal time to answer questions here. I am sure she meant no offense.

Dec 07, 2011
deformed leg
by: Linda

I don't know about amputation, but I do know that this bird has to be seen by an Avian Vet and evaluated as to what can and cannot be done. Avian Vet will xray the leg to see what is going on and then make suggestions as to what needs to be done.

No, I do not think this bird will have anything but a painful deformed life, but it may can be fixed, so do it while baby is still very flexible and young. If you wait too much longer for an exam, this will become the bird's permanent state.Birth defects point to bad genetics in breeding, so I suggest you not breed either one of these birds again in future.


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