dehydrated fruits and veggies from home

by Nicolle

"Bojangles" Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot

I was wondering if it is okay to dehydrate my own fruits and veggies for my yellow shouldered Amazon parrot? Before i purchase the dehydrator i wanted to get some advice and tips. Mainly...... is this safe for my parrot? Sincerely, Nicolle

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Oct 14, 2009
Dried Fruit and Veggies
by: Linda

As Tracie says, please do your research before you buy a dehydrator to save you some time, electricity and to have a product fit to feed your bird.

The other consideration is use ONLY ORGANICALLY GROWN FRUIT AND VEGGIES in your dehydrator. Commercially grown fruit and veggies like you find in regular grocery stores have been sprayed with chemicals either to get rid of bugs or to fertilize. Either one of those is deadly for parrots and other small animals. Go to a food coop or health food store in your area. If you go to any Farmer's Markets, be sure and ask if products are organic. A lot of people will say YES and be lying through their teeth. Buy your fruit and veggies from a reputable dealer who is either a high-end health food store and/or a food coop like they have on the West Coast. Be very careful about this as just a small amount of chemicals can, over time, destroy a bird's kidneys and liver.

Thanks for writing and let us know what kind of dehydrator you buy and how it works, so we can recommend one to others on the site. Dried fruit and veggies is a way to have fresh food for birds year-round, and we thank you for your question.


Oct 14, 2009
Drying fruits and veggies at home
by: Tracie

YES, this is a GREAT idea! You need to invest in a good dehydrator though. Cheap ones will take forever to dry stuff and besides a LOT of electricity used, the results are not so great in the end.

Do research on the Internet and read actual reviews by users. I know a few people with the Excaliber, I think it is called, and they are all very pleased with that brand. The faster it will dry the items the better they will turn out. Slow drying produces leather-like stuff I think.

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