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Dec 26, 2010
Hahn's death from dehydration
by: Charlotte

I found my bird which had never been ill dead on bottom of her cage. All droppings normal but her water bowl was empty and on bottom of cage by her. She was only dead a few hours before I found her. Her neck was loose and her breast bones was sticking out a little. Was she malnourished or did she fall and break her neck. I tried to revive her but she was gone...I had recently given her water but had used a small amount of Clorox I rinsed out. I usually us soap or rubbing alcohol which I also rinse out. I was in super hurry that morning could she have died from bathing in this. There were also bird droppings on water bowl when I found her. She usually let us know when she needed something. Can a bird die of depression if you don't talk to them every day. I left T.V on when I left a lot of the time. How long can a bird life if it turns over water bowl. It could not have been more than 12 hours.

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Jun 18, 2008
Bird dehydration
by: Tracie

Hello Richelle,

The poop would be drier than usual and it would be a very serious thing. The bird will need an avian vet if you think your bird is dehydrated even though it has plenty of clean water available.

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