Depressed bird

by Karen
(Federal Way , WA)

I have three parakeet budgies. The two green ones are males, and the yellow one is a female. One of the males has already mated with the female and have already made eggs. They are both in the nest, and the other male is just outside of the nest by himself. He doesn't look sad, but could he eventually get sad??

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Dec 10, 2011
Depressed bird
by: Karen

OMG! Thanks for telling me!! He hasn't broken the eggs or gone near them, but still i will take him out because he could kill them when they are born.. Again, THANK YOU sooo much :).

Dec 06, 2011
Depressed bird
by: Linda

Please remove this bird right away as you never put two males with one female. What can happen is he will kill the babies or break all the eggs. Birds are not like humans, and they see breeding entirely differetly than humans. The one thing that is the same as humans is they breed just because they can, and it is our job to make sure the breeding is a good combination so babies will be healthy and strong. In this case, he needs to be removed because he will cause problems, and the two males could actually severely injure each other as they try for the hen's attention. Budgies are very promicuous, aggressive birds, and when you have two males and one female, this can cause major problems.

So please remove this odd man out male before he does damage to the eggs, hen and/or babies.


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