despretly seeking Female Nanday Conure!!

hey all, I live in Ma, close to both NH & ME. i love,love LOVE my nanday conure sooo much : ) i really want another, but can't find even a breeder.... & refuse to go too pet-co/pet smart. I did get my baby from a more aviry type shop. i am looking for a female nanday, disease tested, healthy and @! least younger than a yr old....if anyone can help or give me a # that would be perfect : )~tyvm

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Nov 09, 2012
Seeking female nanday conure
by: Anonymous

I think it's awesome the work you do with the aviary. I can see why Linda would think that you prehaps were interested in breeding from your original post. You only included so much information. I think anyone could have drawn the same conclusion. I don't think she meant to offend you. I think she was just more or less advocating for the birds.

But you also have the right to get what you would like as well, especially since you have a good knowlege of birds.

I purchased 2 african greys from the same place. Both birds were taken to the vets within one wk of purchase. Both were found to be in excellent health.
The facilities are absolutely clean at all times. They breed, and sale their birds.

They have 2 locations here in San Diego. Website is numbers for both locations are there. (They ship anywhere in the US)I believe I had seen a nanday on the floor play stand when I was there a wk ago.
The birds from here are great, well socialized with people and staff.

My aunt bought her bird at her bird also was healthy. Not sure if they ship.

Good luck, hope this is of some help. :D

Nov 09, 2012
said i was looking
by: tara

for a breeder, not to BREED!! so don't know where u got that from . though i do have a male, and he is my only bird, i do have experance w/ birds work in an Avairy, just no Nandays right now. anyhow, i simply want another, AND in case i DO decide to breed...the option is there.
and your comments sound like they are for someone who has no idea what it takes to raise a baby bird.I do. Infact I can't go through just any store or Breeder b/c i would opnly get Disease-free birds. why would i want to get mine sick?!? and i do not have a place to keep another bird that is or could be sick. I really don't belive i'm, wrong b/c i want a healthy bird,& have a healthy bird. Ofcourse my heart brakes for hurt & neglected birds!!! in fact where i work we will take them in, & find great homes for them. so anyway that's that. u can have your oppinon and i'll have mine. i KNOW ME better then u.

Nov 08, 2012
Desperately Seeking Female Nandhay Conure
by: D. Singh

Hi there,

I totally agree with Linda. There are too much birds out there that really needs loving homes. Please think well before acting on anything.Wish you the best.

Nov 08, 2012
Thank you, Linda...
by: chaydel

...for being brave enough to speak up for the birds we love so very much. They cannot speak for themselves.

Anyone out there, if you have the energy and love and time and money, please adopt a bird out of a bad situation.

Nov 08, 2012
despretly seeking Female Nanday Conure!!
by: Linda

First, why do you want to breed? The market worldwide is flooded with parrots unable to find decent homes because the more birds bred, the lower the price for them is resulting in an overall attitude that they are not "worth" anything. There are so many birds who end up in abusive/neglectful homes that the numbers are staggering. In the case of the Nanday Conure, because they tend to be loud, more of these are abused than a lot of the other species.When I speak of abuse, I mean being thrown up against walls breaking bones and then left in cages to suffer in agony until the person decides to throw them out of an upstairs window or from a moving car ending their suffering. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Well, it is happening all over to the point where anyone not needing to breed should not breed just to help the birds. The more babies, the more abuse, and there is quite enough to go around now.

Also once you provide a mate for your male, your male will bond with female and not be your "sweet" boy any longer. Breeding birds change and are no longer the pet birds we had in the first place.All parrots are exotic wild animals, and once mated, they revert back to their instinctive behaviors. Your pet bird will be lost, so think long and hard about this.

Before going any further with this idea, you have to know everything about breeding birds including how to handfeed babies using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe. It is a learned skill, and so you would have to apprentice with a breeder to learn how to safely handfeed babies if it was necessary.

If it sounds like I'm trying to discourage you, you can believe that I am. There are too many people breeding birds which hurts the birds in the long run. Too many birds in a flooded market means the birds are more likely to end up being abused and neglected. In my day, birds were so expensive that people who scraped together money for them, a cage and other supplies and food took better care of them. Now, this is not the case, and the cheaper the bird, the less its' life is worth in some people's minds.

So my advice to you is to take great care of your Nanday and continue to enjoy him and forget about breeding. There are few good homes for the babies, and the responsibility of their miserable lives will be all on you whether you know about their sad, lonely lives or not. Please be a part of the solution and not part of the continuing problem of parrot abuse and neglect.


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