Diabetes in quakers

by Jill

My female quaker parrot was just diagnosed as diabetic. Is that common for a 4 year old female quaker?? She is my precious baby girl and I will do anything for her. She is seeing an avian vet on Wednesday to start her treatment. Wish us the best.

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Jul 12, 2011
bird diabetes
by: Tracie

So sorry your bird is sick. No, it is not common in any birds that I know of. Many birds do get better after being treated for a while, I am told. I hope your bird is one of those.

From what I understand, it is not something you could have caused, so don't feel bad. It is usually caused by the bird's pancreas being damaged by infection or other secondary problems.

If your bird does not have a water bottle, but drinks from a water dish that is bacterial laden within a few hours, then I would strongly suggest you get a Lixit water bottle to prevent your bird from getting bacterial infections.

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