Did my parrot have a stroke?

by Christopher S. Wilson
(Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A.)

I have a double yellow headed Amazon parrot and recently it has broken it's leg. He has a cast on and it's been about two weeks and the vet says it will be another two weeks until it comes off because the age of the bird being 25. I am concerned about the constant sitting still in one spot to do everything which isn't normal being very active before the accident. Also the other leg that is fine never gets used and the foot curles. Did a stroke occur or is this normal behavior for a parrot that has been hurt and is going through the healing process?

Clueless, A concerned parent.

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Dec 18, 2017
I wish him and his family the best.
by: Anonymous

As Ive stated before I am not a doctor in any way. I just love birds very much. Him hitting the floor after falling from his perch certainly could of done some sort of damage to him. I hope you take him to a bird doc asap. Also, why did he fall in the first place? This is an important detail to correct. I wish all of you the best.

Dec 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

My yellow nape Parrot fell off his high perch to the floor and now he cannot hold on to the perch real good. When he does finally grasp the perch his feet slide to the side. Could he have had a stroke?

Apr 23, 2017
Amazons and strokes
by: Fred

CoCo my Amazon fell off his perch and stopped talking. I have a good bird Doc here in Houston and he is pretty sure it was a stroke. I got him very young an didn't know better to NOT feed him human food nor seeds. His feet look like a fist but he will open them with my help. His rite foot is week but the left is still strong. I'm making him balance on my fingers as I move them up an down as exercise for him. He cant walk well at all so I put small hand rails inside his cage and he uses them daily holding on with his beak an moving his feet slowly. Ive had him 35yrs. We are not giving up here. Hes still a sweet hart. Don't you give up either. Fred

Feb 13, 2015
Quaker parrot stroke?
by: Debby

My Peppy, has been "off: a few days, and then her rt eye was staying mostly shut, and right wing lowered, she was very slow to move and respond, and stopped talking, just mumbling, I called the vet and had to wait 1 - 2 days for appt, and that morning was acting much better, her eye open, her wing not as droopy , eating, making sounds . but not talking yet, and a a lot more of almost normal energy. did she have a mini stoke? I cancelled the appt, since shes mostly normal and active and her eye is open,eating,starting to make more sounds tho not yet talking.

Oct 27, 2012
Lame foot on Eclectus
by: Marilyn

My 17 yr old eclectus suddenly couldn't walk and was holding his right foot up. I took him to the vet and they did x-ray which was negative for a fracture. He is still lame and eats OK, but is afraid to venture away from his cage. His foot is totally weak when I put my finger there. He cannot grasp my finger the way he does with the other foot. I have to bring him his water because he is afraid to move around due to being unable to walk on one side.

Did he have a stroke? If so, is there anything I can do. My vet is avian trained but not a specialist and there are no real avian vets down here in Augusta, GA.

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Apr 01, 2012
20 year old Quaker Parrot
by: Anonymous

My 20 year old parrot that is very active will full off her perch acting as if she is having a mini stroke. They last about 15 to 30 seconds and she climbs back to her perch as nothing has happen. Should I be concern ? Thank you

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You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

Mar 13, 2011
I was wondering about this too.
by: George

My bird a Black-Capped Conure fell down to the
bottom of his cage and let out this awful squeaking sound. Now he has a problem with movement and spends most of his time at the bottom of his cage under his food bowl. How long do they last and is there anything I can do for him????

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Oct 05, 2009
Bird with broken leg and possible stroke
by: The Vet

First, I do not believe that the bone will heal in four weeks. I never take a cast off before 6 weeks, especially in adult birds, and sometimes I leave them on for 8 weeks. I always monitor with x-rays to be sure it is healed enough to remove the cast. I am concerned that this bird has on only a cast.

Was surgery done to put in a pin or other device? A cast alone will not support the bone enough in a bird as large as an Amazon.

As for the foot on the other leg, this is very concerning, because now he has no working legs. It may be a stroke, especially if you have a 25 year old Amazon that has been on a seed diet. It could be other causes, too. Go back to your vet for a recheck and let him or her know of this problem.

Dr B

Oct 01, 2009
by: Linda

It does not sound like he is having a stroke. He is used to curling his toes around a stick, and there may be some spasms in his feet or foot.

What you need to do is call your vet and explain what he is doing. Vet may require you bring him in for a checkup or not. As for how long cast has to stay on leg, DO EXACTLY TO THE LETTER EVERYTHING YOUR VET TELLS YOU TO DO. Your bird's leg needs time to heal properly, and even after the cast is off, he will be vulnerable to breaking it again, so he is to be handled EXACTLY as vet prescribes.

So, call your vet and tell them about the foot curling as this could be first sign of a problem that needs taking care of.

Thanks for writing, and keep us posted on your bird's progress. A broken leg is a bad thing, and we wish your bird all the best in his healing process.


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