Diet during molting

What can I feed my amazon parrot to help with his feathers during molting. And what supplements or food will his feathers benefit from?

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Aug 25, 2011
Help for birds molting
by: Tracie

If you are feeding healthy pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush, then your bird is getting all the nutrition it needs. If you are not feeding your bird a good pellet, but colored pellets or cheap pellets or seeds, then please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article for information on switching your bird to a healthy diet.

Your bird will likely appreciate water to bathe in or a fine misting to help soften the hard sheaths on the new feathers. To mist a bird, spray the water above the bird and let the water fall on the bird, don't spray the bird directly. My mom's bird enjoys a light trickle of water in her kitchen sink. It sits under the water and has a great time fluttering the water everywhere. LOL

Some birds will let their owners help with preening the new feathers. If the sheath is soft enough to crumble with you pinch the feather between your index finger and thumb, then it is ready to come off. Some birds REALLY enjoy the help and some REALLY hate for people to touch the sensitive feathers. If the bird protests, then just back off and provide water for the bird instead.

Thanks for caring enough to write!

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