diet for african grey

by Beta

I have a 23 year old grey timneh that I adopted from a shelter. He had a companions also a timneh who who was 27 years old who died last week. The vet suspects fatty liver disease though another vet stated that he/she had a tumor in his testicle/ oviduct. the liver numbers were normal 5 months before he/ she passed away.

I was feeding the bird a night mash of fruit and veg cooked combined with wheat, seeds, pellets but not much fresh fruit and vegetables.

How should I feed the surviving grey to avoid such problems in the future? what is an optimum diet? are supplements good?

is protein good? what kind of protein? can I continue the night mash?

what else should I feed this grey and how do i comfort him?

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Apr 21, 2008
I'm so sorry for your loss ...
by: Debi

I am sure you are grieving as much as the companion grey ... I'm so sorry.
I would recommend giving him as much positive attention, pets and scratches as possible. If you work and the parrot is left alone for several hours at a time, I would recommend putting a children's program like "Sesame Street" or "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" on TV where the parrot can view it. This has helped my Senegal alot! He has been so much happier since I started this every morning at breakfast time. I leave it on all day until I come home. The screaming has stopped almost totally and he has picked up some cute words. Good luck and maybe sometime in the future you can adopt a new companion parrot.

Apr 17, 2008
African Grey Diet
by: The Vet

In my experience the very best way to feed parrots is 80% pellets and 20% treats. Treats are any food that is not a pellets. I especially recommend feeding Harrison's pellets; these are the best. With a pellet diet you should not feed a supplement. The mash is fine to feed as a treat if no supplements are mixed in and it does not become more than 20% of the diet.

Was a necropsy (autopsy) done on the grey that passed? How was the tumor or the fatty liver diagnosed?

Dr B

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